Well, Mercury Retrograde ended over a week ago, but we're still feeling the affects...

Can you feel it??

Are you still having issues with technology?

What about miscommunication and misunderstandings, still experiencing those?

Mercury went direct on January 8th (is no longer in blessed retrograde) but sometimes it sure feels like it still is!

Why are you still feeling this?

First of all, I want to acknowledge that, if you in deed are feeling it, then that is one way for you to know that your vibrations are heightened!

You are truly a Sensitive Being!

And I want to take a moment and celebrate you for that!
I am SUPER excited for you!

I know it can be a scary or nerve wracking thing to be so sensitive to energies, but let me tell you from first hand experience... the more open you are to embracing this gift, the more your life flows and the more your confidence builds!

And quite honestly, I am LOVING that people are becoming more and more aware of the energies of the planets and stars (astrology), including being able to sense when things are a bit 'off'. This is a sign that the vibrations of our collective consciousness is on the rise! Woohoooo!!!

That's great ashley, but why are we still feeling the after effects of Mercury in Retrograde when ended a week ago???

Mercury went direct on January 8th and those who are in tune with the energies around them can still feel the effects up to three weeks afterwards for what is called the 'post-retrograde' or 'shadow period.'

There is also a pre-retrograde time as well that happens prior to the Retrograde. As you continue to raise your vibrations and harness your gifts as an intuitive Being, you will continue to be able to sense this.

This Mercury Retrograde's Shadow period ends on January 27th.

So, yes, that does mean you have another couple of weeks to practice being gentle with yourself, being retrospective, and of course, patience with yourself and others when it comes to communication and technology.

Now for the good news!

Because of this shadow period and we are definitely feeling the affects and impacts over here, you now have 4 more days to sign up for Align & Thrive™!

If it hasn't been one thing, it's been another. A glitch here, a broken link there, etc. etc.

And the only thing I can do about it is address it, check in with the energies to see what I need to do and more forward.

No need to curse at it, no need to get stuck in frustration and definitely no need to 'blame' Mercury in Retrograde.

Au contraire, mon amie! (quite the opposite, my friend!)

With this information I am now empowered to make different decisions and be able to move through this world as a confident, empowered and aware Being.

Since learning about these kinds of things, and how they affect me, honestly, it's the most at ease I have ever felt in my life.

And if you are tired of feeling unsure, wavering back and forth about whether or not you're meant to do something, or if it's in your Highest Good or not, that's what Align & Thrive™ is all about! Is to get you out of that limbo place!  

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