It’s finally here!

I am thrilled to announce a newest addition to VIP's Reiki Program our Self-Paced Online Reiki Course!

I know that even with our classes being kept on the smaller side group learning isn't meant for anyone. Or the timing doesn't work out for you to travel to one of our in-person courses or join a live round of our online Reiki course.
But not to worry, there is now an option available for you!
With this Self-Paced Online Reiki Course you will have an entire year from the date you sign up to complete the course!
You can do it in a month, in a year or anything in between.
You can do it while commuting to work or a 3am when you’re randomly awake (hello full moon vibes).
It truly is all about whatever works best for you!


What’s included

Here are all the goodies included in this Self Paced Online Reiki Course

  • Video lessons for each level breaking down the information into digestible content

  • Attunements for Levels I, II & III

  • Books (Levels I, II & III)

  • Gifts (upon completion of each level)

  • Certificate of Completion (upon completion of Level III)

  • Lifetime support in our VIP Reiki Facebook Group (upon completion of Level III)

  • Lifetime access to the online course + all updated materials

  • and more!


How does it work?

From the date you sign up you have one entire year (365 days) to complete all three levels of the course.

Step 1: Register for the course

Step 2: Enter your online classroom - any time, any where.

  • When you get to the part in the course where it’s time to schedule your live attunement ceremony with me, you simply use the link provided and find a day and time that works for both of us in my online scheduling system.

  • On that day we meet in the VIP Zoom room (Zoom is a video conferencing app - completely free to you).
    During our time together you will be able to ask me any questions about the course content and then we will get you attuned to Level I.

  • Once attuned you will receive access to the next level of content in the online classroom.
    We will mail your Level I gift, Level II book and course supplies.

Step 3: Rinse and repeat Step 2 for Levels II & III

  • When you complete Level III you will receive your Level III gift, Certificate of Completion and be invited to join our VIP Reiki Facebook group.


What do I need?


For this course you will need: 

  • Laptop, computer or tablet

  • High Speed Internet connection

  • To be a self starter (and finisher)

  • Good communication via email with the teacher (me!)

  • Time set aside to go through the videos

  • Time set aside for practice

  • Willingness to stretch your comfort zone and do the activities suggested


Additional considerations

In the Traditional Reiki communities anything that strays from the traditional format of teaching Reiki is highly frowned upon and deemed controversial. Here at VIP we honor all the various lineages of Reiki and approaches. We just love that there are so many ways to become a Reiki practitioner these days!
Here we teach non-traditional Reiki of the Usui lineage. This means that it doesn’t take years or tens of thousands of dollars.
If you are wanting to learn the traditional Reiki lineage, yay! and we aren’t the right place for you and wish you the best of luck on your Reiki journey.
If you’re open to learning non-traditional Reiki, how to apply it for your daily life and you’re good with ancient healing techniques getting updates and becoming accessible through modern day technology with a teacher with integrity and who follows her intuition and guides over conforming, then you’re in the right place!
Reiki is an intuitive healing art. It doesn’t belong to one person, organization or group. It has always been intended to be accessible for all of humanity. And after a few years of arguing with my guides and resisting creating this, I am finally putting this out into the world because I know it’s needed and is what I am being guided to do. And because of my Reiki journey, I trust that.


About your teacher

Well, if you read the last part of the Additional Considerations above you already know that I’m a little bit of a rule-breaker…er… trail-blazer for things. It’s just part of my Aries charm, I guess. Even though sometimes (okay, most times) I do it with some resistance.
Additionally, here are a few more things you should know about me if you don’t already…

  • I LOVE working with energy and teaching about it. I feel high after doing a session or class. It’s unlike any feeling I’ve ever experienced.

  • I LOVE how each session is different - even after years of working with clients - it’s truly amazing!

  • I love that Reiki can be used in daily applications and not just in sessions with others.

  • Reiki or intuitive arts work was NOT something I ever thought I’d be doing. And yet here I am! (those damn Guides again)

  • I’m really passionate about people working through their ego fears and doing what is aligned with their souls and their energy.

You’re always welcome to read more bios here and here. Along with hanging out with me on Instagram and Facebook!


Ready to get started?

Okay, VIP! Let’s do this!

Choose your own adventure! Click the payment option for which communication mode you want your Self Paced Online Reiki Course to be in: Spoken English or American Sign Language (ASL).
And then you can get registered and started right away!