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January 7th, 2015!

Come and join us tonight! For only $25! We'll explore how you can empower each one of your healths: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. And talk about dis-ease, how it manifests and we will even have live readings for audience members! Come and align your resolutions and intentions! Can register now or pay tonight at the door (cash, check or credit card).
See you there! Here's to a magical New Year!

Vibrant blessings!
VIP ashley

December 29th, 2014

End of year Specials:

We know how amazing it can feel to let go of all that no longer serves you and be willing to let in the new! Are you ready to attract all that you want in 2015? Here are some fabulous ways you can get yourself some support in that process as well! You are not alone! And you CAN do this! 2015 will be different! You can achieve whatever your heart desires!

Kick Start your 2015 with one of these amazing deals! Deal must be purchased by 11:59pm MST on 12/31/14!

1) Empowered Health - save $30 when you come with a friend!
Wednesday, Jan 7th, 6:30-8:30pm, regularly $45 per person, for a limited time, these tickets are down to $60 for two! So grab a friend, family member or colleague and come and share in the excitement of keeping your health thriving and NY resolutions for 2015

2) Start Your New Year Divinely Aligned!
    Buy a package of 4 Sessions* and get a month of coaching free!
   That's a $250 value and 50% savings! This can also be gifted to another!
   Must be purchased (here) by 12/30/14.

*Four sessions include: 2- 90-mins & 2- 60mins sessions. All sessions be used by the end of May 2015.

3) Alignment Coaching package Special* -
    Click here for details on coaching packages.
     12 months - *$2,200 - that's a $250 savings!

December 10th, 2014

We are thrilled that during the hustle and bustle of the Holy-day season that we are able to join efforts to collaborate and provide some relaxation and self care for you wonderful folks! Come and join us! You really can't beat this Holiday deal! We will be at the healing Rock Salt Spa in the Highlands. Call now to reserve your spot! Vibrant blessings!

November 12th, 2014

Your best year yet is here! We have extended the deadline for submitting your application for the 2015 Energy Medicine Mentoring Program! Come and have a great time while increasing your skills and feeling more confident in your divine self! To read more about the details, check it out here. Ready, set, apply! Deadline is November 15th!

Here's our Facebook post about it:

September 15th, 2014

September's Newsletter is here! Check it out for great deals, the final events of 2014 and a change to donate to the Colorado Alzheimer's walk! http://eepurl.com/3mmkj

                                                    Vibrant inner peace to you, 

September 8th, 2014

Harvesting your seeds of the summer!

Harvest moon image
     I ended up taking this summer off to really be present with all that was going on. What an incredible gift to just be and not put additional pressures of the logistics of business on myself. Tonight is the Harvest Full Moon and it's all about harvesting your crop that you planted earlier this season. It's quite fitting with it being the last of three Super Moons as well. These powerful energies allow us to shift. If we allow ourselves to go with the flow and allow the rhythm of the tides wash over us, we are able to release and fill our lives with so many positives things that we have continued to dream about.
     Full and New moons are powerful for me. I tend to have interrupted sleep or end up staying up late due to the force of the fierce energies. If I were to resist this 'interruption' of my sleep, I wouldn't be able to allow the divine information to flow through me.
     If this summer has been a powerful time of presence, acceptance and love may you continue to reap this bounty of nourishing gifts this fall. We have some incredible opportunities lined up for this fall, which I hope that you will be able to grab if you feel so inclined (or aligned) to do so. Check them out here, on our events page! Register soon as these are sure to fill up soon! And they are the last classes of 2014! And as with any full moon, you set the intention now and you continue to reap benefits from that intention and decision down the road. We will be announcing some exciting things for next year's mentoring programs as well!

    Abundant blessings to each of you, VIPs!

Vibrant inner peace to you, 

May 1st, 2014

To grow, or not to grow...That is the question.
   For many it has been a long winter (doesn't help that we got quite a bit of snow here in Colorado during the entire month of April). However, as we start to see the tulips blooming, green grass growing, the trees budding and then blossoming leaves and even flowers, I am reminded of our NATURAL abilities to grow and open up with EASE and even allowing it to happen overnight.
   As we are bringing the darkness of qualities that have been incubating during the winter months, it is now time to shine light on them and emerge from our cocoons. Allow this paint to drip from your wings and flap them awkwardly a couple of times. Take a deep breath and start to flutter about. It's okay if you're unsure of the direction you will be taken. Trust that once you take flight the views you will see will be miraculous,  life changing and even soul aligning.
   So whether you are considering a new position at work, speaking your truth to a loved one, or even taking a step to explore something unknown (could be a store or a park), take time this week to take a deep breath, feel the connection and support of the Universe and take that step. You deserve it!
   Just like the progression of walking or running, as you continue to take one step forward the momentum builds and it becomes your default. Take a moment to reflect on something that you didn't know how to do and now you do it all the time. Remember that nervousness or excitement when you did it for the first time? Well, it's time to feel that again. Don't let the fear of growth paralyze you. Because, even if you are on the right path, you will get run over if you just stand there. So take one step forward, no matter what its size. And then another, and then another. 
     Your growth is vital this world. This is why you are here. And showing each other our light gives great permission for us each of us to shine.
     Many blessings to you, VIP, as you emerge from the depths of winter into the warmth of spring and blossom into your newly sprouted self each day!
I hope to see you at our May Healing Exchange on Saturday, 5/17 to share the results of our Research Study on how Energy Medicine Effects Vicarious Trauma.

Vibrant inner peace to you, 

April 21st, 2014

Make sure to register for the Reiki Weekend class!
This class is Saturday & Sunday, May 3rd & 4th, 2014 from 9am - 5pm.

Become a Reiki Master!
This class covers Reiki levels I, 2 & 3 all in one weekend. You will learn about Reiki and have lots of hands-on practice with Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Intuitive, ashley koe guiding you and sharing energy insights. After completion you will be a Reiki Master and be able to practice Reiki. Laws of practicing Reiki in Colorado are also covered in this class.
This class only happens a few times per year and is kept to small number of participants to have the most individual attention.

Class includes:
- Individual attention
- Applications of Reiki in your daily life and work
- Attunements to each level of Reiki
- Hands on practice with others
- Information about the chakras
- Reiki practitioner information
- CO Law information for practicing Reiki
- Materials for class
- Bountiful Healthy Snacks, tea & water (lunch is on your own)
- Special gift
- Certificate of completion
- and so much more!
Ready to transform your life and connect with your abilities? Click here to register now!

Class is held at VIP Holistic Services office in Denver, CO 80224
This class is taught in Spoken English.

April 1, 2014

VIP ashley is conducting a Research Study on how Energy Medicine effects Vicarious Trauma. If you are a healthcare professional, advocate, social worker, mental health professional, law enforcement or interpreter and self-identify that you are working through Vicarious Trauma, read more about this below.
Feel free to contact me for more details or information on how to get started. There are only 8 spots available for this limited time opportunity! Make sure to grab your spot ASAP! And thank you in advance for helping us spread the word.
VIP ashley

March 19, 2014

   "Sometimes I get a gut feeling, but I don't know what it means." 
    "I knew I shouldn't have done that! I had a feeling it wasn't right for me." 
         "My body is trying to talk to me, but I don't know what it's saying!"

     Have you ever said these things before? This is your intuition communicating with you. Let's break the big myth: You don't have to be a healer in order to develop your intuition. In fact, since we all have it no matter what job you are working developing your intuition is a great skill to have in your life. Your intuition is your inner guidance system and it helps you make decisions with ease and keeps you safe and even healthy!
     Developing my intuition has been one of my greatest assets in my life. It has helped me navigate in many aspects I never thought possible: relationships, school, health, work and more! It even helps me avoid disastrous situations that are extremely costly and not aligned with my highest good - hello spontaneous purchases! Ever made a purchase you regretted? What about inviting someone into your life you 'knew' wasn't good for you? Imagine saving yourself from these headaches and saving some serious money and time! No need to imagine as this can be your reality in just four weeks!
     Many of you know that I teach Reiki classes; and even though when people take Reiki classes their intuition is increased, I also know that for some Reiki may not be their path but they are still interested in developing their intuitive skills. So my guides (and intuition) have lead me to develop this new class series called, "The Everyday Intuitive - Developing your intuition". This is for folks who are interested in finding out more about their intuition, developing it and becoming more clear on receiving messages and and their meanings in their daily life - while keeping their day job.

     Check out the details and information below on this transformative four-week class that we are opening registration for today!
     In the meantime, know that you are a multi-sensory being. Being intuitive is a natural state of BEing for you and everyone for that matter. And as the levels of consciousness and energies raise on our planet it is becoming more easily to access this natural ability as I am sure you are already realizing. Allow me to share tools that I have used and learned over the years to develop my intuition. I look forward to working with you in April!  
     Additionally, In this newsletter we have new and upcoming dates for Reiki classes, information on Private Sessions (along with a special opportunity from me), and a couple of announcements and reminders. Our first announcement is that we have moved up! We are now in a bigger space and a new office! We are in the same building, but now in Suite 661! Thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to do so by making your health a priority.
   Second exciting announcement is that we are now selling products that promote healing in our office! This includes books, crystals, sprays, card decks, pendulums and more!
   Our third announcement is that we will have our first Healing Exchange of 2014 on Saturday, March 29th from 6-8pm - hope you can join us! 
   And just a reminder that Seattle Energy Medicine Mentoring Program applications are due on April 1st! We look forward to continuing the transformations that continue to happen here in Denver. 
     Many blessings to you as you emerge from the depths of winter into the warmth of spring and blossom into your newly sprouted self!
            Vibrant Inner Peace to you,     
                      VIP ashley

Wednesday, February 13th, 2014

"Cold Season and what your body (and soul) is trying to tell you" article
by ashley koe

'This is a bad cold season.'
Cold season pic

'I've been sick and having some pretty weird dreams.' 
Count yourself lucky if you have experienced this!

     I have been guided to share this information with you about this 'bad' cold season that many people have been experiencing in one way or another. The messages are bountiful right now! 
First of all, lets start with what it means when we get sick. In an energetic perspective, getting sick means that we are being asked to break down or release our defense mechanisms as they are no longer serving us in ways that are effective for our journey. So whether you are needing to let go of too many things on your plate, start allowing others to give to you, remembering to take care of yourself, or go back to the basics and re-align with your divinity, this time can actually be viewed as a sacred spiritual experience. Your vibrations are raising and your physical body is letting you know that what 'used to work' is no longer working.
     Many times we say things like, "I'm getting over" a cold or "things getting back to normal" after having a cold, but here is the thing about getting sick; there is no going back. In fact, we are being told that the old ways are not working and it is not in our highest good to 'return to normal.' It is actually perfect timing for us to get quiet, spend more time in the astro plane (sleeping) and reconnecting with our soul to receive the answer as to what is no longer serving us and how we can release and adjust accordingly.  
     While we have been sleeping (and spending time in the astro plane reconnecting with our soul), we are recalibrating our vibrations to align with moving forward. For many, this has been extremely vivid or emotionally-charged dreams. Allow the subconscious to process these experiences. A dream journal is also suggested if you don't currently keep one. As you wake, allow yourself the time to readjust to the Earth realm - even if that means to literally tell yourself where you are, what day it is, etc. This grounds you into the present. 
     Rather than being afraid of the dreams or trying to figure out what they mean, it's more important to observe and allow the processing to happen. Gently thanking the experience(s) and then allowing them to release. And even just be able to feel thankful for your soul's ability to have such healing on the subconscious level. 
     What my guides are sharing with me is that, it is such a 'bad cold season' because many people are being asked to raise their consciousness and take time to re-examine their approaches. Let's face it, as a collective consciousness we are being asked to take things to the next level.

Are you ready? Here we grow!  

Vibrant inner peace to you, 

Friday, February 7th, 2014

   As I am preparing for our upcoming Reiki 2 classes this weekend, I am reminded of what it was like when I took my own Reiki 2 class. Sending distance Reiki to my partner - who felt it(!), enjoying the attunement ceremony and learning more and more about this natural healing modality that is so simple.
   In the Reiki 2 classes this weekend we
will also work on uncovering hidden mental and emotional issues that are blocking us from shining our light brightly and being the best we can be, have some fun playing with pendulums and enjoy shifting those vibrations through creating effective and transformative affirmations. And so much more. This level is one of the most fun to teach for me as we get to share about all of the Life Tools that are helpful in being able to allow life to flow more smoothly.
   I am so thankful for Reiki to have come into my life. I continue to use it daily in a variety of situations (the other day I used it to peel egg shells more easily, ha!). May your life continue to flow with effortless ease.
Vibrant Inner Peace to you,
    VIP ashley

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Kick off 2014 with adding more flow into your life, increasing your intuition and more healthy by joining our Reiki Class series! This will be the last time that Certified Reiki Master Teacher, ashley koe will be teaching in the monthly format for each level.
As usual, we have a series in each direct communication. Each level includes a book, special gift, on-going support (access to our private Facebook group) and an entire day of experiential class!
I look forward to working and learning with you to allow your best self to emerge!
Deadline to register for our Level 1 Reiki Class is 1/8/14. Here we grow!

2014 Jan - March Reiki series flyer

Tuesday, December 4, 2013

Are you ready to detox for a great 2014? Start it this weekend with our Reiki 1 & 2 class (Spoken English). We have some great souls joining us! You will take your vibrations to the next level, no matter what field you are currently working in. Tomorrow is your last day to register for this amazing and life changing weekend! 
Read more details or register here

Reiki 1 Class

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Business Saturday!
Thank you to all of our VIPs who supported us during Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday specials. Many blessings to each of you and we look forward to working with you on your healing journey!

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