It was so easy to be comfortable and open up to Ashley. Her calm, caring spirit put me at ease instantly.
I trust Ashley completely to maintain confidentiality.
I have always thought so highly of Ashley do decided to have a private session on the spur of the moment decision at a conference.
I often think of Ashley and those two simple words, “Do it!”, and feel added confidence because it makes me think, “Why not?? Go for it!” I am much better at not over thinking decisions or making decisions harder than they need to be. I am happily retired and have never regretted following Ashley’s advice. Thank you Ashley!!!
— Cheri D., Colorado, Program Manager (Retired) - CCDHHDB

Completely worth your time! My private session with Ashley was GREAT! Before my first session I was nervous about the process (it was all new to me!) and wasn’t sure what issues would be discussed. I was pleasantly surprised that none of my fears were founded; Ashley was easy to talk to and I immediately felt at ease. As the session progressed, any topics that came up arose naturally and felt completely well-timed and aligned with where I was currently at in life.
Prior to the session, I had been on a private journey to understand energy healing and intuition and apply these principles in my life, but felt like I was doing it all on my own for the most part. The private session was so helpful in clarifying and validating many of my questions and experiences. It gave me assurance about the “validity” of intuition and allowed me to slowly to trust myself more.
My most memorable moment was the first time Ashley relayed a message from my guides. It was amazing, surprising, and a little amusing how ON POINT the messages were. Best of all, it never felt intrusive or unwelcome - it was a positive experience was perfectly timed and aligned with my own growth and what I needed to know.
Especially love that after a session finishes, there is a copy of the session sent to you, so you can review everything in your own time, which was so helpful. Definitely recommend it!
— Jessica H., Rochester, NY, Counselor

More happy clients


More self-awareness, more door opening, intentional living!
I never get this level of service with other Reiki practitioners and I feel blessed to have been introduced to Ashley. She is very talented in energy work and helped me move forward with some things that were blocking me.

— echo, Seattle, WA, Entrepreneur

Every Reiki practitioner is different, and my experience with this one (Ashley Koe) was definitely different! In a good way of course. My session with her was very healing on all levels and provided a sense of clarity too. She provided a safe, nonjudgmental, gentle space for Reiki healing to occur. I am still in awe of what occurred. Thank you, Universe and Ashley.

— Courtni H., As seen on Facebook

I've had the great fortune of receiving services from ashley who is a wonderful, caring, unique, and incredibly talented practitioner! Before I met ash, I had never even heard of or really understood reiki, much less been interested in it (along with energy work, spirituality, interconnectedness with the universe, etc.).  I highly recommend

— Avigator, as seen on yelp!

Working with Ashley is incredibly powerful and validating, and she offers timely, intuitive healing and practical tips/homework for continued work. Until you’ve had a session with her, you won’t know what you’re missing. Highly recommend!

— Elise Nye, as seen on Facebook


I am always in awe of how I feel and how centered i am once i have been treated by Ashley Koe.  She is wonderful.  I didn’t know much about or really put any stock into anything but mainstream medicine until I was diagnosed with cancer.  I was ready to try anything.  Through out my treatments Ashley has been caring for me from my initial surgery all the way through chemotherapy treatments and radiation.  I honestly believe the reiki I received is a huge part of my recovery and ability to cope with the treatments and their side effects.  I couldn’t have been going through this with out it!

— Sarah R., Denver, CO, as seen on Yelp!

I have worked with other Reiki energy healers before, but none have been as accurate, compassionate, open and willing to give more abundantly that Ashley!

Her light, insights, gentleness and genuineness is a pleasure to be around...and helped calm, relax & guide me in the way that I needed. She is so present and ready to share!!

It's TOTALLY worth it!

— Ilene S., As Seen on Yelp!

I am always thrilled when I have the opportunity to have time or a session with Ashley. They are joyful, shining people who bring out my best and always inspire and delight me.  When I have a Reiki session with Ashley I try to clear my day because it is always with out fail soul stirring, illuminating and profound. This fascinates me because it is very seemingly subtle and  nuanced work but WOW, I always feel like something was revealed to me I had been grappling with sometimes unknowingly.
If you want a sweet, meaningful and big glimpse into what is possible and all things right you owe it to yourself to have a session with Ashley. HIGHLY recommended.

— Julia Cameron D., As seen on Yelp!