Reiki Master Teacher Course - Practicum Style

Are you ready to be attuned to the highest level of Reiki?
Ready to share the gift of Reiki with others?
Maybe you're just wanting to be able to attune others?


Becoming a Certified Reiki Master Teacher through our VIP course + Practicum approach from VIP can transform your life just like the many students before you!

Here at VIP work with folks from all walks of life and professions who are ready to take their life to the next level, adding more healing to themselves and the world, increase their vibration and get back into alignment with who they know they are. Reiki is an energy healing modality based out of Japan. It's a very intuitive healing form and just by getting attuned to Reiki, your intuition increases exponentially!

Ready to fulfill the calling of teaching others self-healing?

What is covered in the Certified Reiki Master Teacher Course + Practicum?

Reiki is one of the fastest growing fields of holistic healing! Millions have already taken classes and are using it in their daily lives!

During this transformational course you will become Certified as a Reiki Master Teacher!
This course is taught by Certified Reiki Master Teacher, ashley koe.
You will learn how to attune others, a variety of formats for teaching Reiki to others and get to apply what you have learned with hands-on experience teaching others during a Reiki Weekend Course (your practicum, right after your CRMT course).

Details, Logistics and BONUSES!

We offer the Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT) Course only once every couple of years.
Each time we offer one weekend in Spoken English and one in American Sign Language (ASL). No interpretation is provided due to the nature and length of the content.  The information below is for CRMT Course in ASL. If you are wanting to sign up for a Spoken English course, please email our office.

Location: Denver, Colorado (exact address in Registration Confirmation)

Dates & Times:
ASL CRMT Course: Wednesday, 6/19/19, 9a - 5p, Thursday, 6/20/19, 9a - 5p, Friday 6/21/19, 9a - 3p
Practicum/Reiki Weekend Course: Friday, 6/21/19, 4p - 8p, Saturday, 6/22/19 & Sunday, 6/23/19, 9am - 5pm

Registration ends: One month before the class - Space is limited to only SIX students as we like to have individual attention for students and developing their gifts. Previous classes have sold out, so make sure to reserve your spot ASAP by registering now.

Prerequisites: You must be a certified Reiki Master in order to take this course. If you were not certified through VIP Holistic Services, we may ask you to send a copy of your Reiki Master certificate. Any Reiki Master from any lineage is welcome to take this course.
We teach non-traditional Reiki through the Light Internal system. Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

Tuition -

  • Instruction for 3-days (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)

  • Practicum for an entire in-person weekend course (Friday - Sunday)

  • Food (lunches and snacks) - customized to your specific nourishing needs

  • Course Instruction + time for you to prepare your own mock instruction time

  • Attunement to Reiki Master Teacher level

  • Time to practice giving attunements (for every level)

  • All course materials

  • Outlines for additional Reiki events and courses options (Healing Exchanges/Reiki Shares, Reiki with animals, Reiki with kids, etc.)

  • Resources, information, structures and outlines for:

    • in-person Reiki courses:

      • separate levels, and

      • weekend immersion

    • online Reiki courses

  • Bonus: Customizable PowerPoint files for each level - in-person and online courses (Levels I, II and III) - an $800+ value!

  • Bonus: Marketing and Business group coaching during the course - a $500 value!

  • Bonus: Online Course platform for the course materials

Payment Options:

     *6-Monthly payments will be due on the same date of each month and automatically charged to your credit card used for registration.

And......We LOVE to give Bonuses!

Bonus #1: You will have lifetime on-going support in our Private VIP Reiki Facebook group! Meet other Reiki practitioners, share tools, 'aha's' and post requests for healing support from each other and from ashley. You will have access to both ashley and ML for on-going support, encouragement, inspiration and sharing of Reiki tools.

Bonus #2: In addition to our Private Facebook group, we also provide exclusive Reiki Tools: How to apply Reiki to your Daily life and healing each month! These will be available either live or recorded through virtual connections.

Bonus #3: VIP provides Healing Exchanges for you to practice your skills for continued on-going live support. See our events page for upcoming dates, etc.

Bonus #4: Delicious and nutritious snacks and meals: lunches (Wednesday - Sunday).

Bonus #5: Referral Credits!*** It's always more fun to take a class with someone you know! Refer friends, family or colleagues to take this class and get $75 cash for each person you refer! We appreciate you sharing about your experiences and our services and classes so that others can shine their light within and we want to thank you for it! See all the juicy details below.

**RID CEU's (GS) are also available - you must mark this on your Registration Form!*

"Taking Reiki classes through VIP felt like I was coming home. 
Reiki is a transformation on an amazing level and you will never be the same again (for the better!)"

Katie Cue    Entrepreneur and former Educator Denver, Colorado

Katie Cue
Entrepreneur and former Educator
Denver, Colorado

Taking Reiki classes through VIP felt like I was coming home. It aligned many things for me and had a profound impact on my future. Those who know me would know that is saying a lot coming from someone that is usually very skeptical about things of a "woo-woo" nature. I received many validations and examples of how to use Reiki in my daily life. Before I took Reiki classes, I was very unsure of what I wanted to be when I grow up and I was a 33 year old "adult" when I started the Reiki classes.

The weekend was just mind-blowing, awe-inspiring and affirming in many ways. In fact, when I returned to work the following Monday, I walked into the building and instantly knew at a soul level that even though I might not know what I want to do when I grow up, I no longer belonged there. It no longer served my purpose.

I've learned to trust my intuition more, address my doubts head-on, constantly check in with myself about whether situations, people, or things are in my higher good. I've learned when to say no and how to release toxicity in my life (people, things, relationships, etc) with love and light.

Not only have I seen the changes in myself, but I've seen my friend's life become much more vibrant, aligned, and magnified in ways that I know she never could have imagined. Reiki is energy medicine, as you know, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed. Therefore, Reiki is a transformation on an amazing level and you will never be the same again (for the better!)

Details and Fine Print for the 'What if's...'

Accessibility/Access requests:
Food - All snacks provided are gluten and dairy free. If you have additional nutritional needs, please note them on your registration form. If you have any other additional needs that will help make this weekend more enjoyable and make sure you get the most of it, please note those on your Registration Form. All accessibility accommodations are due at the latest by the Registration Deadline and must be included on your registration form. 
Building - The building is a one level and does have short stairs to get into the building. It also has a gender-neutral restroom. If you need a wheel-accessible space, contact us ASAP and we will gladly work out arrangements.
Scents - Please be considerate of others and use minimal to no scents for this weekend workshop (this includes detergents, hair care, perfumes/colognes/aftershave and even diluting Essential Oils even more).
Language & Communication - Due to the nature of the information provided in this workshop, communication is conducted in one language (Spoken English OR American Sign Language) only. No interpretation is provided. The only interpretation provided would be for tactile sign language. This request must be made 30 days prior to the class. If you prefer the other language, look on our website for the other Reiki weekend in that language.
Animals - Our office does have exposure to animals (cats and dogs). If you have a sensitivity, please let us know ahead of time and we will make sure everything is deep cleaned and the animals are put up for the class.

Cancellation/Refund Policy: If for some reason you are unable to make this weekend workshop after you have already registered, let us know at least 24 hours prior to the workshop's start time and you can have the full amount transferred and applied to another Reiki Weekend Immersion Course. This credit will need to be used within 12 months from the weekend it was originally intended for. If you are on a payment plan, it will continue until paid in full, but your entire Registration will be applied and credited towards another Reiki Weekend Immersion Course or Online Reiki Course within a year. You may also transfer your Registration to another participant.

Referral Credits: ***The Reiki Student must put your name on their Registration Form. Referral Credits will be given the first night of class upon check-in. If you have already taken this class and referred a current student, then we will contact you to get you your Referral Credit. Limit two per person, per class. If the student marked multiple people on their Registration form we will split the credit among those listed.

*Legal Disclaimer: Reiki is not to be used instead of seeking professional medical or psychological treatment. It can be used with or alongside professional medical or psychological treatments. There may be times, if something comes up, the Reiki practitioner will refer you to a medical or psychological professional. 

VIP Holistic Services is a safe, loving and liberating place that is open and welcome to individuals of all backgrounds, experiences, cultures, abilities, sexual orientations, genders and lifestyles.
Additionally, we work to ensure that all of our services are accessible to Deaf, Hard of hearing and Deaf-Blind individuals.