Intuition Made Simple

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Intuition Made Simple


"How can I tell if it's my intuition or my ego?"
If you are still left wondering, feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, this is the course for you!
In this digital self-paced course, how to develop your intuition has been made simple by Energy Intuitive, ashley koe.

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The best of both worlds and a fraction of the cost! Learn all about intuition in an easy-to-digest format WITH my support!

In this course you will learn...
- The Three Core Concepts of Keeping Intuition Simple
- What is Intuition: The Lingo, Intuition vs. Ego, and The Anatomy of Intuition
- How it can help you in your daily life: Build your confidence to make decisions with ease and save you money, time, energy and heartache,
- How your intuition communicates with you (the Claira's),
- 6 Techniques that will help you trust your Intuition's Guidance,
- The 11 Best Ways to Connect with Your Intuition and get Clear Answers,
- The 3 Best Times to connect with your intuition,
- My #1 piece of advice to keep Intuition simple,
- and so much, much more!

BONUSES!!! A value of $250+!
Bonus #1
- Private Facebook group with support and access to ashley koe
Value = $$$ (sessions with me are $125-$250!)
Bonus #2 - 24 Printable Affirmation Cards to help you develop your intuition with ease!
Value = $19


Previously, the information in this course has only been taught in our Reiki Weekends (currently $997) and Energy Medicine Mentoring Program (over $2,000) and only happen a couple times each year and was never put together in such a succinct and step-by-step way.
This is your chance to learn all of this information at your pace, in the comfort of your home (or on-the-go), and still WITH my support (in the Facebook group)! 
Ready to develop your intuition? Ready to save yourself lots of time and energy? Click Purchase and let's get going!