Self Care Services

Calling all Event Planners, Retreat Planners, Conference Coordinators and Workplace Wellness managers!

Are you looking for something different to add to your event this year? Want to make your event stand out from all the others?
With Self Care being the number one preventative in healthcare and such a hot topic, make sure you provide quality and unique self care services at your upcoming event! We provide or or two practitioners at a special rate customized to your event!

Where would I add Self Care Services?
Planners have hired us for retreats, National Conferences and weekend workshops!

Why would my event want to add Self Care Services?
Self Care services have been shown to allow participants to integrate the information and process it with another professional. As the planner, you can focus on what you need to, your presenter can focus on facilitating and you can all relax knowing that the participants have safe, confidential one-on-one time where they can process all that they are learning with your topic. This helps participants feel more confident in the new knowledge and skills you have taught them and shows how much you care about their well-being.

What kind of people would benefit from this?
Anyone! More specifically, people working with people. Keeping our cup full and overflowing is vital to the health of an individual and therefore their health impacts your event and work culture. We specialize in working with social justice, transformational justice, change agents, health care providers, behavioral health providers, emergency responders, relief workers, interpreters and more! We know all about trauma, vicarious trauma and holding the space for those who are on the front lines healing our world.

What do I need to provide?
We just need a space big enough for a treatment table, usually 10' x 6' is enough. We bring all the supplies (treatment table, pillow, blankets and even partitions for added privacy).

How would payment work?
This depends if you would like to include the Self Care Services in the partipants' registration, in which case, we sign a contract with and receive payment from you directly.  However, there are also cases where events would prefer the participants pay for their own services, in which case we would be able to accept payment directly from the participants right after their session. 



Previous Conferences & Events we have provided Self Care Services at:

Colorado Hands & Voices, Mom's Nite Inn, Denver, CO - April 2012
Justice for Deaf Victims National Coalition, Denver, CO - October 2012
ASL Community Day, hosted by DOVE, Lakewood, CO - April 2013
Colorado Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (CRID), Colorado Springs, CO - April 2013
Colorado Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (CRID), Golden, CO - April 2014
Building Your Personal Sanctuary (Estes Park, CO) - October 2014

In 2014 & 2015 we provided Self Care Services at VIP's Retreats & Events that we hosted. A huge 'thank you' to the passionate professionals who collaborated with us to provide these much needed services to our workshop participants. They are truly invaluable and each of our participants LOVED it.

Future Events we will be providing Self Care Services at:

ADARA Breakout Session, Colorado Springs, CO - March 2016
Book us now for yours!