Wouldn't it be incredible to work with others AND feel energized?

Ready to release those blocks that have been holding you back from living the life you know you're suppose to live?

Want to transform Sensitivity into your Superpower?

But after working with others you feel drained, exhausted and left doubting whether you are meant to do healing work?

Also being a deeply caring soul sensitive to energies, I know how hard it can be; 

- Intending to work with others but not feeling the high-vibe joy you thought you would feel,
- Feeling depleted, frustrated and unsupported around your gifts,
- Feeling tired of being sensitive all the time to everything and everyone around you,
- Unclear and unsure of your intuition, especially when it comes to yourself and those close to you,
- Learning about energy, the ethics and whether or not I am qualified to do it,

That's all about to change...

VIP's Online Reiki Course is a LIVE 10-week group class where you will: 

  1. Become a Certified Reiki Master from the comfort of your home,

  2. Connect with your intuition on deep levels and

  3. Add more ease, flow and healing into every area of your life!

Imagine if...

  • You could transform your sensitivity into your superpower,

  • You could have energy working for you, rather than you working for it,

  • You could be energized naturally and easily when working with other people,

  • You came into alignment with your Soul, revealed your soul's purpose, and always knew your highest good,

  • You could trust your Self, your intuition and intuitive messages,

This is exactly what happens when you become a Certified Reiki Master!

VIP's Online Reiki Course is uniquely and intentionally designed for heart-centered change agents who want to feel energized, confident and in alignment with their soul's truth and natural healing gifts.

Level I (Weeks 1 - 3)
You will learn about Self-healing, focusing on you first before working with others allows your cup to overflow and then be able to assist others in their healing. This level also covers hand positions, the basics of the Seven Main Chakras, the basics of energy healing and foundations of Reiki. You will learn daily applications of Reiki and the first symbol. This is where you will learn how to channel the energy and begin to develop your intuition. You will also learn four quick tools to help balance and boost your energy.
You will have weekly homework assignments (practice, application, reading and discussion), weekly classes and a week off for Integration (Week 3).

Level II (Weeks 4 - 7)
You will learn more about Reiki Principles, the history of Reiki and begin Distance Work. Distance work includes past and future and a full session with someone in another location. In Level II you will learn two traditional symbols and one non-traditional symbol and practice their applications. We will cover more about the Seven Main Chakras, the areas they govern and their characteristics. You will continue to develop your intuition and channeling the energy while working with others. In this level we also learn how to apply Reiki for emotional situations and promote healing from past hurts.
You will have weekly homework assignments including practicing distance sessions, and reading along with our weekly classes and then a week off for Integration (Week 7)

Level III (Weeks 8 - 10)

During Level III you will discover your Reiki Master Symbol and learn two non-traditional symbols along with their applications. We will cover Reiki with Animals & Animal Communication, full Reiki sessions for In-Person, how to use Reiki with meditations, crystals, flower essences & gem elixirs. Specifics around creating a professional Reiki practice are also covered in Level III: laws, certifications, requirements, ethics, equipment, etc.
Your homework will include completing practice sessions for both Animals and In-Person (people), reading your books along with our weekly classes. 

Unlike other Online Reiki courses this course is taught live in our virtual classroom with a small number of students to keep the focus on developing your gifts. We use trauma-informed soul-empowered approaches at VIP and we provide on-going lifetime support in our VIP Reiki community!

I've worked with dozens of heart-centered change agents who are out there changing the world and are continuing to get burned out because they are using their own energy. Being the change isn't just about your passion, you must have the tools in order to keep you going without draining yourself. Because let's face it, if you aren't taking care of you, then you're not contributing to the solution. Once these change agents take our Reiki course they feel that re-energized passion, they align with their soul's desire and their energy comes back! If you take our course, you will get individualized attention to really develop your gifts, I will share messages from your soul, you'll meet your guides and have more energy! 

But don't just take my word for it.

"Taking Reiki classes through VIP felt like I was coming home. 
Reiki is a transformation on an amazing level and you will never be the same again (for the better!)"

Katie Cue    Entrepreneur and former Educator  Denver, Colorado

Katie Cue
Entrepreneur and former Educator
Denver, Colorado

Taking Reiki classes through VIP felt like I was coming home. It aligned many things for me and had a profound impact on my future. Those who know me would know that is saying a lot coming from someone that is usually very skeptical about things of a "woo-woo" nature. I received many validations and examples of how to use Reiki in my daily life. Before I took Reiki classes, I was very unsure of what I wanted to be when I grow up and I was a 33 year old "adult" when I started the Reiki classes.

The weekend was just mind-blowing, awe-inspiring and affirming in many ways. In fact, when I returned to work the following Monday, I walked into the building and instantly knew at a soul level that even though I might not know what I want to do when I grow up, I no longer belonged there. It no longer served my purpose.

I've learned to trust my intuition more, address my doubts head-on, constantly check in with myself about whether situations, people, or things are in my higher good. I've learned when to say no and how to release toxicity in my life (people, things, relationships, etc) with love and light.

Not only have I seen the changes in myself, but I've seen my friend's life become much more vibrant, aligned, and magnified in ways that I know she never could have imagined. Reiki is energy medicine, as you know, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed. Therefore, Reiki is a transformation on an amazing level and you will never be the same again (for the better!)

Who can learn Reiki?

Reiki is one of the fastest growing fields of holistic healing! Millions have already taken classes and are using it in their daily lives!
Having Reiki in your toolbox is a GREAT way to add more energy, positivity, healing, ease and flow to your life, personally and professionally - no matter what line of work you are in! Use it for yourself, your kiddos or even your animals! You can use it in EVERY aspect of your life!

If you are already a certified healer, yoga teacher, acupuncturist,  massage therapist, Healing Touch Practitioner, card reader, medium, Akashic Records reader, etc. you can ADD Reiki to your practice to increase the healing of your sessions, release the energy of your clients, and increase your longevity as a professional.

No matter what your profession, with millions of Reiki Practitioners worldwide, there is already someone who has taken Reiki - Educators, Advocates, mental health professionals, health professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.), Tech professionals, Researchers and more!

Details, dates and deadlines of the 2017 VIP Online Reiki Course!

Location: Online - VIP's Zoom Room (exact link will be included in your in Registration Confirmation) - Zoom is a free app you can download to your computer or laptop.
Dates per Communication Mode:  ASL - Wednesdays
Course length: The weeks of October 13th - December 15th, 2018 - 10 weeks
Times: Class will be 3 hours each week at 4pm-7pm PT (US - Pacific Time)
(Other Time Zones: 5pm - 8pm MT / 6pm-9pm CT / 7pm - 10pm ET and if yours isn't in there, click here to convert it.)

Each class will max out at 8 students per class. Reserve your spot by registering online now. And save with Early Registration discounts!
Early Registration - closed Monday, September 24th, 2018 at 11:59pm PDT
Regular Registration - 9/25/18 - 9/30/18 - closed at 11:59pm PDT
Late Registration - 10/1/18 - 10/8/18 - no books included

Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for taking this course. However, since this is an online course, you will need to have a computer or laptop with Hi-Speed Internet connection (Ethernet - wired connection, is best quality). Instructions to download Zoom will be sent in your confirmation if you don't have it already.

Shift happens: Know that from the moment that you decide that you are going to take a Reiki course, things begin to shift. And then once you officially register the alchemal shift starts to take place to start preparing your energy for this transformation. It's a very exciting path!

Payment Options: In Full $1,000, 2-monthly payments of $500, or  5-monthly payments of $200.
     *All Monthly payments will be due on the same date of each month and automatically charged to your credit card used for registration.

There's more!

Bonus #1: Closed Facebook group for only your class during the 10-weeks where you will receive announcements, have access to postings, files, videos and replays. Upon successful completion of the course you will be moved into the VIP Reiki Group for lifetime support.

Bonus #2: You will have lifetime on-going support in our Private VIP Reiki Facebook group! Meet other Reiki practitioners, share tools, 'aha's' and post requests for healing support from each other and from ashley. You will have access to ashley for on-going support, encouragement, inspiration and sharing of Reiki tools.

Bonus #3: In addition to our Private Facebook group, we also provide exclusive Reiki Tools: How to apply Reiki to your Daily life and healing each month! These will be available either live or recorded through virtual connections.

Bonus #4: We host Online Healing Exchanges for you to practice your skills, with us there for continued on-going support. See our events page for upcoming dates, etc.

Bonus #5: Referral Credits!*** It's always more fun to take a class with someone you know! Refer friends, family or colleagues to take this class and get $25 for each person you refer! See details below.

Bonus #6: 'Life Happens Attunements' - If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it's that 'life happens' and I know there are no guarantees in life, so I wanted to create an Online Reiki Course that could reflect that. If something happens and you're unable to continue to join us live for classes and live and make up attunements, you will be able to watch the recordings of the classes in the Online Course area and then schedule your own 'Life Happens Attunement.' These will need to be used before May 31st, 2019. See below in the fine print for all the Attunement details. 

CEU's for RID are also available - you must mark this on your Registration Form!

Register below to join this transformational course!

1) Choose which class (Spoken English or ASL)
2) Choose your payment option (1- $1,000, 2- $500, 5- $200 )
3) Click on the correlating picture to Register now

Spoken English - Tuesdays

English  -  1- one-time payment of $1,000

English - 1- one-time payment of $1,000

English -  -  2- monthly payments of $500

English - - 2- monthly payments of $500

English -  5- monthly payments of $200

English - 5- monthly payments of $200

ASL - Wednesdays

ASL -   1-payment of $1,000

ASL - 1-payment of $1,000

ASL -  2- monthly payments of$500

ASL - 2- monthly payments of$500

ASL  - 5- monthly payments of $200

ASL - 5- monthly payments of $200

Course Outline

Early Registration - closed Monday, September 24th, 2018 at 11:59pm PDT
Regular Registration - 9/25/18 - 9/30/18 - closed at 11:59pm PDT on Sunday, September 30th, 2018!
Late Registration - 10/1/18 - 10/8/18 - no books included

Classes start the week of October 9th, 2018.  We will wrap up the final week of the course the week of December 11th, 2018.

There will be two classes based on communication modality:

  • Spoken English - held on Tuesday evenings

  • American Sign Language - held on Wednesday evenings

This is a 10-week course with two weeks of integration are included in the 10-week course where we will have breaks; one after each level.

The schedule is posted below for the 2018 Fall Online Reiki Course

2018 Fall ORC dates.png

**Required Classes/Weeks for Attunements:
You will only be required to attend the 'Make Up Attunement time' if you missed the Live Class that week and therefore missed your Attunement for that level.
Make Up Attunement times will be ASL - 10:30am - 11:30am PT, Spoken English - 12pm - 1pm.  They will be roughly 30 - 60 mins long depending on how many students are in need that day. All students must arrive promptly to begin the Attunement Ceremony.  
**Attunement Requirement Details: You must receive your attunement LIVE in order to be 'initiated' to that level of Reiki. If you are not present for that level's attunement (either in the class or the Make Up Attunement time), you will not complete the level and you will not be able to move on to the next level. This is a group class and the dates and times listed for attunements are set (both in class and make up attunements).
For extenuating circumstances, IF you are unable to make these for emergency reasons, you are only able to move forward in the course by scheduling an attunement privately through VIP ashley and using your 'Life happens' attunement pass. This must be completed BEFORE the start of the following week's class if you want to continue with the Live class pace. 

The FAQ's and not-so-hidden fine print...

What are the main differences between taking it online or in-person?
   1) We meet LIVE - virtually - you can be anywhere in the world joining us for class! As long as you have your laptop and a strong Hi-Speed internet connection.
   2) We meet over the course of 10-weeks rather than in one weekend. Eight-weeks of live class (3hrs) and two-weeks of Integration (one after Level I & Level II).
   3) You don't have the ability to practice on another student in-person on a treatment table with me there, but you are welcome to invite a family, friend, colleague or neighbor to practice on during class under my supervision.
   4) If you have an emergency and have to miss a class**, you will be able to watch the recording. **There are weeks that are required due to the Attunement Ceremony where you will not be able to move forward without attendance. You can read more about this above.  
   5) Instead of receiving your materials, certificates and gifts in-person, they will be mailed to you the good ol' fashion way!

Becoming a Certified Reiki Master means I will be able to teach others Reiki too, right? 
There are two kinds of Reiki - Traditional and Non-Traditional. At VIP we teach a non-traditional Reiki approach which means that Reiki Master (Level III) and Reiki Master Teacher are two separate levels. We teach a separate course for Reiki Master Teacher where you learn how to teach Reiki to others and how to pass attunements to them. This way you can truly take in all the beauty of Reiki and learn how to do it on your own first and then learn how to teach it to others.

I have already taken Reiki I or Reiki I & II, can I still take this course with you?
Yes, you are still more than welcome to take any of our Reiki courses. We welcome all from all backgrounds. Since there are many ways to teach Reiki and each teacher has their own style and each linage has their own progression, I encourage students to still participate in the whole course so that we're all on the same page, but I do offer discounts for other students with proof of Certification.

Details - AKA the fine print -
and wooeeee! It's sure is mighty fine!

Accessibility requests: Language & Communication - Due to the nature of the information provided in this workshop, communication is conducted in one language (Spoken English OR American Sign Language) only. No interpretation is provided. Since this is a live course, no captioning is available either. If you have any other accessibility requests, please contact us ASAP at support@vipholisticservices.com.

Cancellation/Refund Policy: If for some reason you are unable to make this course after you have already registered, let us know at least 48 hours prior to the first class' start time and you can have the full amount transferred and applied to another Reiki Weekend Immersion Course, Online Reiki Course or to another person. This credit will must to be used within 12 months from the date of the course it was originally intended for. If you are on a payment plan, it will continue until paid in full, but your entire Registration will be applied and credited towards another Reiki Weekend Immersion Course or Online Reiki Course within a year. You may also transfer your Registration to another participant. If you choose to do this, the financials will be left for you two to handle. 
Due to the nature of this course, we don't give any refunds.

CEU's for RID Interpreters: 2.0+ GS CEU's are also available - you must mark this on your Registration Form! An evaluation form will need to be completed within 7 days of class ending.
TSID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This General Studies program is offered for 2.00 CEUs at the “Little Content Knowledge Level.


*Monthly Payments: If you choose a 2- or 5-monthly payments for your Registration, you must enter a Debit or Credit Card into your Registration. You will be charged for the subsequent months on the same date of each month as when you initially registered for the course. Failure to pay will result in immediate dismissal of the course. This includes all information, live classes, Facebook group(s), etc. If you anticipate your card expiring during the duration of your monthly payment period, make sure to update your card ASAP. Your confirmation email will have the details for this. If your card is lost, stolen or reissued for whatever reason and you are coming up on your payment date, send us an email at support@vipholisticservices.com and we will take care of it in your account. This course requires Online Registrations only - no mail in registrations - this requires the use of a credit or debit card in order to participate in this course.

**Attunement Requirement Details: You must attend class LIVE in order to receive your attunement to be 'initiated' to that level of Reiki. If you are not present for that level's attunement, you will not complete the level and you will not be able to move on to the next level. This is a group class and the dates and times listed for attunements are set (both in class and make up attunements for two days later). If you are unable to make these for whatever reason, you are only able to move forward in the course by scheduling an attunement privately through VIP ashley - these are complimentary and expire May 31, 2019.
**For extenuating circumstances, due to emergency reasons, if you are unable to complete these attunements before they expire on May 31, 2019, you are only able to move forward in the course by scheduling an attunement privately through VIP ashley for an additional $150 per attunement. Your attunement must be completed in order for you to gain access to the next level's course information.  

***Referral Credit details: The Reiki Student must put your name on their Registration Form. Referral Credits ($25/per referral) will be given and applied after the first class for your next month's payment. If you have already taken this class and referred a current student, then we will contact you to get you your Referral Credit. Limit two per person per class.

Legal Disclaimer: Reiki is not to be used instead of seeking professional medical or psychological treatment. It can be used with or alongside professional medical or psychological treatments. There may be times, if something comes up, the Reiki practitioner will refer you to a medical or psychological professional. 

VIP Holistic Services, LLC is a healing, loving and liberating place that is open and welcome to individuals of all backgrounds, experiences, cultures, abilities, sexual orientations, genders and lifestyles. Additionally, all of our services are fully accessible to Deaf and Hard of hearing individuals.