Align & Thrive™

VIP's Energy Alignment Mentoring Program

This program will be open for enrollment Fall 2017 for the 2018 Program.
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Do you feel overwhelmed by other people's energies?

Was 2016 a doozy and you're ready to feel more empowered, grounded and supported?

Do you feel excited when you think about intuition, chakras, and all things energy and soul-related?


Align & Thrive™: VIP's Mentoring Program is for heart-centered souls like you who are committed to deepening their intuitive skills and expanding their healing abilities. If your goal is to spread love, light and healing throughout the world and confidently trust your intuition,  with the support of a professional and others, this is the place for you!
We each have the abilities to allow our light to shine brightly and with this mentoring group, in an intimate setting, you will receive my personal attention and support in your growth process to be the phenomenal shining soul you are meant to be.  

Registration for the 2018 Align & Thrive™ Program will open this in November 2017 so keep watching those emails!

Throughout this transformational 12-month program we focus on: 
    - Strengthening your Intuition & increasing your psychic abilities
    - Increasing your healing abilities
    - Energy Anatomy: Chakras, Auric Fields, Parts of the Body and Dis-eases
    - Strategies to benefit the other person's healing while keeping you centered

Some signs that this might be the right fit for you:
   - You worry about others often...
   - You want to lessen your anxiety...

   - You can feel others' pain, hurts or emotions...
   - You can't tell if what you're feeling is yours or someone else's....

   - You've been to the doctor and they can't figure out what's going on with you...
   - You are ready to learn more about energy, chakras, self-healing, and how to connect with energy and use it to your benefit...

   - You are ready to make sensitivity your superpower rather than be burdened by it...
   - You know that there is something more and that everything happens for a reason but can't really figure out what it is...
   - You are all about empowerment, but don't really feel it when it comes to energies...

   - You've been into healing for a long time, but are ready to have a comprehensive program...
   - You've had a solitary practice, but are ready to connect with others and take your practice to the next level...
   - You're ready to work intimately with a mentor...

   - You're tired of the chaos in your life, lessons learned the hard way, and 'course corrections'...
   - You really want to develop and trust your intuition...
   - Someone told you about this and you're feeling excited, nervous or curious about it...

Yes, this is me! I'm ready for more info!

How often do we get to meet?
That depends on which level you choose.
Align and Thrive™ is an online mentoring program with in-person options.

Option 1 - Align (Online only)- Online classes
Option 2 - Align (Full Program) - Online classes and 3 - In-person classes (Optional. However, this is required if you are wanting to move on to 2nd year, Thrive)
Option 3 - Align and Thrive™ - 1st year (full program) and 2nd year - Online and in-person

Between In-Person & Online Classes and Group Coaching calls, this Mentoring Program meets monthly starting January 22, 2017.
We will also have one month off each trimester (April, August & December) to implement and integrate all of the information and transformations taking place.

How do I know which Option is best for me?

Option 1
Align (Online only):

This option is only 12-months of online courses (with three months off for integration). We break it down to trimesters. Integration (or 'off') months are: April, August and December.
Three months off are for integration.
We will also have group coaching calls (2-hrs) and support in the Facebook Group during the three Integration months we don't have online class.
This would also be a great time to use your Private Energy Alignment Sessions you get when you sign up for the Early Bird!

This is for the soul who:
- isn't able to travel in 2017,
- wants more time to integrate everything,
- is on a serious budget, but is ready for the learning!
- focusing on developing their intuition,
- wants to increase their confidence
- really only wants to focus on their self-development and self-healing

Sign up by 11:59pm MST on 1/19/17!


Option 2
Align (Full Program - Online and In-person)

This is a hybrid program that is 12-months (Jan - Dec): Nine Months will be online courses with group coaching calls.
The three Integration months (April, August and December) will have in-person classes(8hrs)!  Food included.
In-person classes include experiential activities, learning energy healing techniques with a mentor supporting you and giving feedback while reading the energies.
You will also receive your own VIP Customizable Energy Medicine Reference Guide™.

This is for the soul who is:
- committed to 2017 being all about soul growth and soul alignment,
- excited to travel and have hands-on experiential learning and coaching in-person,
- ready to invest in their spiritual growth process and be with their tribe!

Sign up by 11:59pm MST on 1/19/17!


Option 3
Align and Thrive™ (Full 2 year Program - Online and In-person)

This is a hybrid program:
1st year: 2017 - 12 months total - Nine months will be online courses (three trimesters). Three Integration months (April, August and December) will be in-person classes (8hrs). Includes everything in Option 2.
2nd year: 2018 - 12 months of online with two in-person weekend retreats (lodging and food included). This year focuses on Advanced Energy Medicine and creating a thriving professional energy healing practice. 

This is for the soul who is:
- committed to becoming a thriving professional energy healer,
- ready to go beyond their comfort zone and feel fully supported in building an aligned life and business,
- committed to investing in their soul-alignment process and be with their tribe!

Sign up by 11:59pm MST on 1/19/17!


You've got questions and we've got answers.

'There are so many programs/classes/courses out there, how do I know if this program is for me?'
   If you are a heart-centered healer and ready to become spirit-centric, have a passion for working with others and want to create a thriving business and life, then this mentoring program is perfect for you! I believe that all light workers and healers can have a thriving life and business! And I am ready to work with you to co-create that!
   This is the only program you will need for the next year (or two, if you continue to Level 3, Thrive). No need to worry about piecing together other programs, or feeling FOMO (fear of missing out). Align and Thrive covers all of your bases you need for everything energy.
   Let me be super clear, this program is for those who are committed to truly transforming their lives by dedicating and investing time, energy and resources into their development and re-connection. You didn't disconnect from your abilities overnight, so don't expect to reconnect with them overnight. It's a process and if you are invested, then I am here for you. It might be best to think of this like school...there will be assigned reading, homework, class discussions (online), tests and practical application. And yes, we do have a Second Year (Thrive) if you would like to continue advancing your skills and create a Spirit-Centric business.

I'm not a healing professional...but I am feeling pulled to this program, how do I know if it's right for me?
   This program is specifically designed for those who are dedicated to developing their intuition and their ability to connect with and heal themselves and others.
   Align (full program - Option 2) and Align and Thrive, (Option 3) are intentionally designed for individuals who are trained in some kind of healing work (energy, Reiki, Healing Touch, therapy, massage, cranio-sacral, EFT/tapping, etc.). However, if you haven't been certified in one of these healing modalities yet but are feeling pulled to this program, you are still able to sign up for this program. We just ask that you agree that you will take a course for one of the above listed modalities within the first 6 months of 2017.
   During the in-person classes, we will have lots of hands-on practice with guidance, new tools and approaches, and support and validation from ashley right by your side for you to be able to really develop your skills.
   Additionally, if you are an empath or highly sensitive and feeling a bit burned out and are yearning for something new, more energizing and less physical, this could be exactly what you have been asking the Universe for! Working with others in healing capacities can take its toll on us if we aren't equipped with the proper tools. In this Spirit-Centric Mentoring Program, you align with your soul's purpose with ease and fully supported.
   Of course, if you still have questions, you are welcome to contact us!


Questions? Bring it on.

What if I choose to take Align Online Only in 2017? Can I take Align In-Person (the three in-person classes) in 2018?
Yes! This is why we created this option. We know some of you are on a budget, travel may not be ideal right now, etc. So we were guided to create an online only option, hence, Align - Online only. You could choose to do the following:
2017 - Align Online only (9 months of online courses)
2018 - Align In-person only (3 months of in-person class)
2019 - Thrive (12 months of hybrid)

I'm ready to grow! Let's do this!
2017 - Align (full - online and in-person)
2018 - Thrive (online and in-person)
This means for 2017 you will have 12-months of class: Nine Months online courses, and Three In-Person classes.
2018 will be 12 months of online with two in-person weekend retreats (lodging and food included). This year focuses on Advanced Energy Medicine and creating a thriving professional energy healing practice (aka spiritual, soul-aligned business coaching).

How many students are in each class?
All Mentoring Students who sign up for Align (full) or Align and Thrive, will get to attend in-person classes and have quality, intimate group coaching time with a maximum of only 12 total participants per in-person class. 
For Align's online classes, there is no limit to how many can sign up.
Please also note: in-person mentoring classes are based on communication preference (Spoken English or ASL), no interpretation is provided. Fluency in the communication mode chosen is required.

2017 Detailed Schedule:
2017 - January - Online Classes & Coaching calls
2017 - February - Online Classes & Coaching calls
2017 - March - Online Classes & Coaching calls
2017 - April - In-Person Class (8hrs) - Location and Date TBD
                      - Group Coaching Call (2hrs)
2017 - May - Online Classes & Coaching calls
2017 - June - Online Classes & Coaching calls
2016 - July -  Online Classes & Coaching calls
2016 - August - In-Person Class (8hrs) - Location and Date TBD
                       - Group Coaching Call (2hrs)
2017 - September - Online Classes & Coaching calls
2017 - October - Online Classes & Coaching calls
2017 - November -  Online Classes & Coaching calls
2017 - December - In-Person Class (8hrs) - Location and Date TBD
                                   - Group Coaching Call (2hrs)

Online Classes & Group Coaching calls Information
These will be conducted on Zoom. Zoom is a free app you download onto your computer or laptop and join our video conferencing room.
Online Classes will also be a mix of live classes and recorded videos. All course materials will be posted in our VIP Online Course platform for you to be able to review and access whenever you need. They will include a variety of videos, worksheets, transcripts and more!
Each Trimester will have a one month 'break'; April, August and December will be Integration months - there will be no live classes during those months, only Group Coaching calls. *If you are in Align (full program) or Align & Thrive™ these are the months we will have our in-person classes.
Facebook group - we will also have an active online Facebook group (with direct access to ashley) where homework and feedback will be discussed and shared, loads of support, inspiration, accountability and more!
Group Coaching Calls will be two-hours each month, including in April, August and December and conducted via Zoom.

When and where will the Align In-person classes be held?
Align in-person classes will be eight hours on a Saturday or Sunday in April, August and December 2017.
They will be held in either: Denver, CO, Seattle, WA or on the east coast - or a combination of the above - this 'going with the flow' is what it means to be soul-aligned.
Exact dates and details will be sent out to those who register by the end of January 2017 so you have ample time to plan accordingly to arrange flight/travel and lodging.

What if I can't make a class?
Of course, the most optimal and ideal will be for you to be present for each class (in-person and online) and all the group coaching calls, but we also know that life happens. You will have access to your classmates via the Facebook group and they can share notes with you from the in-person class. The online classes and group coaching calls will be recorded for you to be able to access, so you won't miss a thing.
Note: Even if you can't make the class or coaching call that month, you are still responsible to pay for the course that month if you are on a monthly payment plan.

Since this is a 12-month program, does this mean that I will only have access for the year 2017?
NOPE! Once you join Align (online), Align (full) or Align and Thrive, you will have lifetime access to all of the course material for that level! Including all future updated content and anything that is added later! Woooohooooo!!!!!!

When do the doors close?
***extended*** Doors officially close for the 2017 Align & Thrive Program on 1/19/17 at 11:59pm MST / 10:59pm PST / 1:59am EST (1/20/17).

Other people's experiences

  VIP's Mentoring Program has transformed my life! This program has taught me a lot and I have grown at incredible rates simply because I have been learning how to follow and trust my intuition! I love ashley. She encouraged me to go outside my comfort zone, so I have started to love myself more and face my fears. My intuition knows where to go and in this program I have learned how to connect with it and let it lead the way.  
  One of my favorite activities in class is ‘table time’, where we learn new tools and healing techniques while receiving encouragement and validation. I love being in a class with fellow amazing mentoring peers who are also incredible healers. I continue to thank the Universe for the Energy Alignment Mentoring Program and this beautiful teacher coming into my life! 
If you are considering this program, it’s so WORTH IT! Shine On!
          - Isa Magic, Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT) & Magic Energy Intuitive Healer

   "Having had a solitary practice for many years, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Mentoring Program. I was surprised to quickly find myself a part of an incredible community that is committed healing themselves, others and our communities. Being connected with like-minded folks is incredible; I am bonded with my fellow students for life.
  For 11 years I tried to work through negative self talk and self doubt on my own, but within just two years of Mentoring they dissipated. It blew me away that after just a few months of Mentoring, how much more accurate, clear and confident I was. Now, my messages come through more clear and vivid. I am fully present for my clients’ healing (no more ego or doubting) and I love it when they say, “Wow! How did you know that?!”
  My private practice has doubled over the past two years, constantly expanding with clients from all walks of life all over the world. I am really tapping into my potential and am even starting to teach others.
  My life has changed each month and the universe has continued to provide tuition each month. I now live more authentically and more aligned each and every day.
  It has truly been like being in Grad School for the Spiritual/Intuitive Healer and I recommend it to anyone! If you are reading this now, this just might be the shift you are looking for."

          - MateoLuis Ruiz-Williams, CRMT, CI, Denver, CO

"ashley is a great mentor. Divinely connected she channels the messages and knows the perfect balance of when to push more and when to pull back. She is great at holding us accountable for our homework and the nudging us with the messages of our guides.
In Mentoring we gain new perspectives on life situations and how to approach them through a spiritual perspective. ashley is often right on target knowing exactly what we have been going through in our lives and encourages us to really dig deep to see the core of what is truly going on within.
Because I have learned to be patient with myself as a result of this program, I have gained an abundance of new skills in Mentoring: finally feeling grounded, physically feeling high vibrations and energy flowing, being able to relieve my vertigo through energy work and addressing the Spiritual meaning behind it, seeing colors, receiving messages from the Universe through animals and my surroundings, mediumship and connecting with my soul.
Whether you are looking to advance your spiritual development or work with clients, I highly recommend VIP’s EMMP."

                                                                                                - Jan Dubberley, Certified Reiki Master & 2nd year Mentoring graduate

Tests? Did you really mention tests?!
Yes, that's right! This program is for individuals who are truly committed to learning how to harness energy, reconnect with their intuition - unwavering, approach life from Soul-Empowered approaches (soul agreements, soul lessons, etc), and spend the time, energy and resources to do that. I am committed to your growth and divine re-connection. I have taken all of my years of learning, classes here and there and put together this divinely intentional and comprehensive program specifically for you all in one place.

How much time are we talking?
This is an intense study program just like if you were to start school for lightworkers. There will be an outline, required reading assignments, online discussions, group coaching calls and more. Your presence and interactions are expected in-class, in online forums and during group coaching calls. It could be anywhere from 5-10 hours per week. Of course we will also have time off for you to be able to integrate and implement things as well.
Due to the intensive nature and individual focus of this program, it only opens once a year.

Upon your acceptance in the first year program you will also receive additional bonuses!

Bonuses include:
   - Discounts on Private Sessions with VIP ashley (for you and your friends and family)
   - Discounts on Alignment Coaching Sessions - 75-mins (to be used during the mentoring year) over $250 value
   - You will also receive a Required Reading Book List of highly transformational books that ashley has found over the years to be incredibly insightful and supportive in your deep shift during this year-long program.
   - 10% discount on all items in VIP's store (during the time you are in Align & Thrive, including books on the Required Book List)
   - Your own VIP Customizable Energy Medicine Reference Guide™
   - Direct access to ashley and on-going coaching support in a private Facebook group
   - Nutritious and delicious snacks and lunch are provided for all of the in-person classes.
   - Upon successful completion of the 1st Year Mentoring Program, Align (Full), you will qualify for VIP's 2nd Year Energy Medicine Mentoring Program (Thrive),
   - And of course,....more bonuses throughout the year!

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Have more questions? Let's connect!


Vibrant and thriving healing!