Frustrated that you can't tell whether it's your intuition or your mind?

Feeling 'blocked' around being able to access your intuition?

Wish you knew how to feel confident in making decisions in life or business?



In this course you get:

  • 6- weeks of LIVE classes and coaching support from ashley!
  • Intuition Made Simple Digital Course
  • Facebook group for on-going support both during the live course and afterwards!
  • Connection with others who are developing their intuition as well - so much power and growth in groups!
  • Experience with group readings using your intuition (with support from me)

Bonus! Intuition Journal
Bonus! Live practice readings (with my support) for people you don't know!

You will learn how to:

  • Trust your instincts and finally feel confident in making decisions based on intuition
  • Differentiate between your mind and your intuition once and for all!
  • Tap into your intuition anywhere and anytime! Even when feeling stressed and blocked!
  • Use Divination Tools (Pendulum, Oracle cards, Muscle Testing, Crystals, etc.)
  • Read your own energy and know when to make a decision
  • Do an intuitive reading for another person!

How is the content delivered?
We will meet in a 'virtual video classroom' on Zoom (easy to download the app on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone).
Class will be once a week on Wednesdays: in ASL at 4pm MDT, in Spoken English at 6pm MDT.
Can't make it live? No problem! Recordings of the class will be sent out so you won't miss a thing.

Will we have homework?
You betcha! You will be doing a little bit of work each day to start incorporating your intuition and reconnecting with it. We're talking an average of 10-mins per day, not a lot, but enough to start shifting things. You don't get a toned body by going to the gym once a week. :o.) Like any new habit, skill or change, you must incorporate it into your daily life.
What kind of homework are we talking about exactly? There will be affirmations, journaling, meditations, application of tools and some other goodies that my guides will share along the way. :o.) It's always an adventure with them! 

When does the course start?
Intuition Made Simple LIVE will start on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016!
Each week we will have a focused intention and activity:

Week 1 - Weds 4/20 - Intuition vs Ego/Fear - Removing blocks -

Week 2 - Weds 4/27 - 

Week 3 - Weds 5/4 - 

Week 4 - Weds 5/11 -

Week 5 - Weds 5/18 -

Week 6 - Weds 5/25 -



$333 - One Time payment    OR    3-montly payments of $111
Think of how much NOT trusting your intuition has cost you already! How many mistakes, how much wasted time, regret-filled purchases, etc.
Registration closes on April 18th, 2016 at 11:59pm MDT.

Birthday Special! It's my birthday on April 11th!

Register by April 11, 2016 (11:59pm MDT) and only pay $299 (one-time payment) or $79 for your first payment if you choose the 3-monthly payments!