You know something is off. It's time to get clear with your soul.
This is your space. Sacred. Supported. Safe.
Together we work through what is holding you back. Lovingly release it. So you can live your life stress-free, soul-aligned and joy-filled.


Align & Thrive™

Sensitive to energies?
Ready to feel empowered as an Empath?
Ready to thrive in life?
My signature program is where you align with your soul and thrive as a sensitive being!
This online program connects you with others from all over the world with lifetime access.

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Reiki Program

Free Intro to Reiki webinar to becoming a Certified Reiki Master Teacher.
Online Self Paced Reiki Course to a 4-day Reiki Immersion Retreat.
There's something for everyone who is ready to add more ease and healing in their life!
All Reiki courses come with lifetime access and a Private Facebook group for continued support.

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Private Sessions

Held in a sacred space, I guide you to connect with your soul's truth. Clarity experienced. Answers validated.
Letting go of what is holding you back from living the life that your soul is asking you live.
Feeling supported in being able to move forward.

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My Practice

Trauma-informed, soul-aligned, whole-you goodness.
Practical energy healing.
Woo with human clarity.


Take the stress out of connecting with your intuition.
With ease, clarity and some humor we get to the core of what's going on and actionable steps on how to move forward.

— ashley koe

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Here to be of service

Human experiences are the doorway to our soul growth.
This work is my soul's calling.