"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

The place to be for soul-empowered + trauma-informed healing.

You are whole. You have the answers to be able to heal yourself.

I hold the sacred healing space, ask the questions and share what I sense.

Break through the chains of the past and live the vibrant life you are ready to live!

Here is your support for you doing that.

This is a safe, sacred and brave space for each person to be exactly who they are.
I celebrate you! No judgement. Allow yourself the gift of healing. Gift the world your most authentic Self ~ shining, vibrant and aligned. Our world needs YOU.

Want to feel more confident in trusting your intuition even among the chaos? 

Ready to let the tears flow? The anger boil? The self-criticism go? Want healing and to be seen as a whole being? 
Are you settling for good-enough and yet it's not enough? Know you're meant for more?
Ready to connect with your intuition? Learn more about it? Connect with the flow of the Universe? Want to learn how to heal yourself or receive your own messages?
Ready to step into your divine gifts of being a healer and connect with your high-vibe-soul-tribe?
If you answered "YES!" to any of the above, you're in the right place!!


Over the years we have worked with folks from all walks of live. We specialize in working with passionate service providers: entrepreneurs, healers, therapists, teachers, interpreters, advocates, social justice folks, change agents, thought leaders and more!

I’m intentional in that I approach folks from a trauma-informed way and also hold you in the highest divine vibration of true soul-empowerment. We talk about Soul Agreements. I share with you what I’m picking up on. I hold space for transformation and divine healing. We believe in magic and miracles. We practice these principles in all our affairs. We share our intuitive receivings. We facilitate. We educate so you can continue to heal yourself each day after our session together.  


"I've had the great fortune of receiving services from ashley who is a wonderful, caring, unique, and incredibly talented practitioner! Before I met ash, I had never even heard of or really understood reiki, much less been interested in it (along with energy work, spirituality, interconnectedness with the universe, etc.). I highly recommend VIP Holistic Services." - Avigator (seen on Yelp!)