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Attune your Pet to be a Reiki Master!

We all know our animal companions are special Beings. They love us unconditionally, there for us snuggling and providing comfort and relaxation when we're worked up or not feeling good.

As empaths, intuitives, sensitive people, one of the best things that we have done for all of our animals is attuned them to the Reiki Master energy. Chances are if you are also a sensitive Being, your pets could also benefit from getting attuned!

Here's why it's helpful for them:
- they already are natural healers
- when attuned to the Reiki energy they channel the energy rather than trying to use their own energy to heal us
- this makes sure that they won't take on our dis-eases or various ailments instead of letting us process them (this is their natural state of being and part of their soul agreement as domesticated animals)
- it can also help them become less anxious and feel more grounded (pets are highly sensitive),
- it can help them release and work through some of their own things (ailments, beliefs, trauma/blocks) that they are holding on to.

This is a very special and RARE event!
Bring your pet and get them attuned to the Reiki Master energy!

When? Sunday, June 4th 11am - 4pm.
How long does it take? Each session is 25 minutes.

How long does the attunement last?
Once they're attuned, the energy always flows! They will never need to be attuned again! Your pet will officially be a Reiki Master healing pet!

Investment: $44/pet - one pet per session.
Payment upon booking is required.
This includes: A Private Attunement session for your animal by a Certified Reiki Master Teacher (25-mins) in a beautiful healing space in nature, instructions on after care and things to help support them with their new raised vibrations.

Pets we will attune:
- dogs, cats, guinea pigs, horses and more! You pet isn't listed, contact us to ask and make sure:

This is especially great for dogs that are working dogs (ex: service dogs, emotional support animals, therapy dogs and more).

Can't make it in person? We can still attune them from a distance so you don't have to bring them in! They can stay in the comfort of their home or pasture! 😊

How to book your pet's attunement:
Spaces are limited for this special event so make sure to share this with your friends; invite and tag them!
Payment is due upon booking (online secure payment system).

This will be held at our location in SE Denver or at a nearby local park. Details and information will be included in your confirmation email.

**Please note: The pet you sign up to be attuned MUST BE YOUR PET. We are unable to attune other people's pets without their permission. If you think you know a pet who would greatly benefit from being attuned, invite your friend to this event, share the info with them and encourage them to reach out to us if they have any questions. Thank you for your intentionality and willingness to follow consent with this process.