Chaos + Centeredness = ??

Can you have both chaos and feel centered at the same time?
Right now in our world we are experiencing upheavals back to back. We have barely recovered from the last one and next thing you know another one comes to our awareness.

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Spirit you need to know about them?

I am thoroughly enjoying me some Facebook Live!
I hope thatyou can come and join me!
Here is a video I did about Meeting your Spirit Guides.

We cover:
   - Their names - do we give them their names? do they already come with names? do we need to know their names?
   - What form are Spirit Guides - human? unseen?
   - What are the various groups of celestial Beings? Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Arch Angels, Animal Guides, etc.
and most of all....
   - Do you need to know who your Spirit Guides are so you can move forward on your journey???

Feel free to leave comments on the Fb page and I will make sure to answer them! Yay!!!

Never See Another Healer Again!

1) This is a huge statement, right? Like, whoa!

2) Why would an energy healer* say such a thing!? Wouldn't that put you out of business?!?
The reality is, unfortunately, no it will not put me (or my beloved millions of colleagues) out of business. There are over 6 billion people on this planet. I believe that there is a healer for everyone exactly when they are wanting one. However, just like most of my social work/activist friends, I would love to work myself out of a job!

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How Craigslist Changed my life!

In 2010, I started noticing how I was getting sick on a more regular basis. Nothing 'big' just colds from rundown and possibly burnout. When I looked back on my calendar to realize that it had been happening for a few months, I decided that it was time to change that. So, I went online and starting looking at the 'Community' classes section of Craigslist. Mind you, the only things I frequented Craigslist for was furniture and concert tickets. It also helped when I moved to Colorado a couple of years prior to find a job and apartment. So, this section of Craigslist was pretty foreign to me...(click to read more)

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Welcome to our new website, VIP!

Our name was intentional: Vibrant Inner Peace, which also created "VIP" so that you were always reminded that at your natural state of being, you are always a Very Important Person! In providing Holistic Services to you, I set the intention that you would have a luxurious experience and that you would know you were loved, supported and always felt VERY important.

We show this through:
- Continuing to expand our knowledge, skills and care for ourselves as practitioners,
- Being completely present during your sessions for you and Spirit,
- Intentional space creation (every thing has a purpose, every action is spirit-guided) both in-person and online,
- Working with local and intentional professionals from our printing to our taxes (we ask you to support small businesses and as a business, we do the same),
- Partnering with organizations to provide self-care services and/or donations, and
- Reminding you that Self Care is Sexy!

Take a browse around our new website (designed by Viva Gallivan and head shot pictures by Peggy Dyer) and in-joy what we have to offer! I am looking forward to working with you and supporting you as you align with your life's purpose to live a vibrant life of ease and JOY!

May your inner peace feel vibrant in your BEing. May it radiate out into the world and may you continue to shine each and every day.

Vibrant blessings,
VIP ashley