When things don't go the way you want...

...throw a tantrum!

That's right! Allow yourself the time, space and energy to just let it all out. Just like those two-year-olds, you KNOW exactly how they are feeling all the time. They don't hold it in. They allow themselves to feel it and then they move on. We have so much to learn from toddlers who are true to their emotions.

Funny that in our mainstream society these have been deemed 'the terrible twos'. Seems we might be afraid of our own emotions, eh? Something to ponder. :o.)

"But ashley, it's not 'spiritual' to throw a tantrum!"
Ok...it's not the calm, go with the flow, continuously centered, I've-reached-nirvana-enlightenment Spiritual, no. But it is honoring YOU exactly where you're at. It is feeling your feelings.
When you feel your feelings you are no longer allowing them to BLOCK your connection to Spirit. So, yes, throwing a tantrum and feeling your feelings IS a Spiritual act.

You can't transform your emotions if you don't know what they are. Especially if you are stuffing them down so far that you won't even allow them to be seen. THIS is what causes Dis-Ease within our energy systems: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

SEE them. FEEL them. And then they will move. Information will come. Information that will help you transform this stuck-ness and transcend the core reason why it's there.

"I would rather go to a yoga class or do some meditation."
And that's fine too, if that's what you're being guided to do. I would also encourage you to look at if you had a reaction to this suggestion and felt an immediate, "No way I'm doing that!" Because that would be your ego talking and trying to prevent you from doing something that is actually good for you - even though it's new and uncomfortable.
Just remember, emotions can't change by THINKING your way out of them. They're there. Allow them to BE there. Get out of your head and into your emotions. 

The quicker you are at allowing them to be seen, and feel them, the quicker they move through you. You will not stay stuck there.

By allowing yourself to feel the emotions you get to the core of what is truly going on underneath all of it. And by doing that, then you get to the core reason as to why things aren't going the way you want! Yay!!!!

Maybe you discover that it's time to turn it over to the Divine. Maybe you hear/see/feel an intuitive nudge (that doesn't make logical sense). Maybe a messenger will appear. Maybe the clouds will part and the sun will shine again. Maybe you realize that it's something you don't actually want to do. Maybe you realize that it's time to speak your truth or set a boundary around something. Maybe it becomes clear that it's not in your highest good. Maybe the Divine has another plan for you that is aligned with your Highest Good.

So go ahead, allow your inner child to guide you on how to throw a tantrum! Kick and scream on the floor or your bed for two minutes. And then tell me how you feel.

This activity helps open your Sacral (2nd) Chakra, which allows for healthy balances with emotions, financial abundance, receiving support (from others and the universe), sexuality, reproductive organs AND access to your intuition. Whew! It's one BUSY chakra for sure. :o.)

Have you ever felt frustrated when things weren't going your way? What did you do to release the pent up frustration and anger? How did you transform that energy?
Try it and let me know in the comments how it transforms your day!

Vibrant blessings!


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