Summer Solstice Special!

Happy luminous Summer Solstice, VIP! 

May your intention(s) be clear, your light shine bright with ease and you be wide open to the new deliciousness coming your way.

Today is the Summer Solstice for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and it's the longest day of the year. 
The light gradually works its way to shine so bright and long. 
Think about it. This just naturally happens!
It's literally in your nature to let your light shine bright.

Astrologically it's also a very potent time to set intentions for the remainder of the year. Think Full Moon or New Year type of intentions. Revisit your other intentions from those, check in, see if things have shifted.

In honor of this goodness, this weekend I am hosting a Summer Solstice special! Short and sweet with a big bang - kind of like the solstice itself! 

As you know, we've got the VIP Self Paced Online Reiki Course with a special BETA price for $200 off!

And now I'm also adding in our $250 off my brand new VIP Days - just use code: solstice
This is a brand spankin' new offering that I am thrilled to be sharing with you! Make sure to read more about it in the link. If you think that a session or a course has shifted your life, imagine day with me. Just you and me (reading the energy, sharing messages from the energy, and holding space for the magical transformations to take place). These are perfect for getting super clear on what your soul is wanting, for going through major life transitions being fully supported in a sacred container, and even meeting with me to pick my brain about all things energy, soul-aligned business, and whatever you got on your heart or mind. 

And (as if that wasn't enough) you're getting another chance at the pop-up Private Sessions
I've got packages and gift certificates available for all the goodness as well. Just make sure to check everything out here. 

This Summer Solstice special is only for a very limited time! It will end this Sunday, June 23rd at 11:59pm PT! 

Looking forward to all the bright things to come from this journey, VIP! 

Wishing you a luminous summer solstice! 

ashley koe
Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT)
Wholsitic Energy Alignment Coach
Creatrix of Align & Thrive™