Being human is the new spiritual practice

Hey there VIP,

Well... aren't these some tumultuous times?

So much going on in the world on many levels. So. Much.
On personal levels, on community levels, cultural, political, environmental, global and on and on.

Obviously it's important for us to stay centered, grounded and spiritual... but what does that mean when there is SO much going on?
What does that feel like when there is so much hate, negativity, intense energies?
What does that feel like in our body?
What spiritual practices can we use from our tool box?

Will reiki help? What about a healing crystal? Which one gets us back into balance, flow and harmony?

What if the answer is to check yourself.
What if the answer is to go within.
What if the answer is to not do anything, but feel all the feels?

What if it's about fully experiencing this human experience and not trying to transmute it with spiritual practices from our tool box?
All of the emotions, all of the experiences, all of the shadow.

Be present with it.
Stop fighting it. Allow it to be.
Take a deep breath and accept it. Accept that this is the reality of this moment.
Accept that this is where you're at. Where we're at.
Accept the fact that there is suffering in this moment.

Acceptance isn't complacency. Acceptance doesn't contribute to it.
It allows you to stop resisting the present moment. It allows you to be fully present (and stop trying to escape your body & this experience) so you can become aware and know what you feel so you then can connect and get the messages for what to do next.

And then and only after we fully accept it, we ask it what it's here to show us.
What is our next indicated step?

But make no mistake, VIP, if we continue to try and resist the present moment, and aren't willing to accept what our reality is - whatever it is that's weighing us down, keeping us up at night, or keeping us from being connected with our soul's truth, it will continue to come up.

So, let me give you permission right now.
You have permission to experience this human experience fully. All. of. it.
All of the light, darkness, anger, fear, joy, happiness, contracting energies, expansive energies, and more!

From finances, to work, to relationships, to birth, to death, to connecting with your 'purpose', to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, making mistakes, trying new things and more! It's ALL a part of it!

Being fully human IS our spiritual practice.

It is what we came here to do. It's why our soul chose this human experience. For our soul growth. As a reminder of our truth.

That is all, VIP.

Know that I am here with you. Practicing my spiritual practice; fully human.

Wishing you feelings of support, truth and love,

ashley koe

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Summer Solstice Special!

Happy luminous Summer Solstice, VIP! 

May your intention(s) be clear, your light shine bright with ease and you be wide open to the new deliciousness coming your way.

Today is the Summer Solstice for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and it's the longest day of the year. 
The light gradually works its way to shine so bright and long. 
Think about it. This just naturally happens!
It's literally in your nature to let your light shine bright.

Astrologically it's also a very potent time to set intentions for the remainder of the year. Think Full Moon or New Year type of intentions. Revisit your other intentions from those, check in, see if things have shifted.

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ashley koe
Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT)
Wholsitic Energy Alignment Coach
Creatrix of Align & Thrive™