Receiving: The epitome of healing

Receiving is one of the most common things I share about as an energy healer; with clients and students alike.
Got pain in your upper or lower back, hunched posture or you've got a strong exhale (even with a short inhale), your energy is sharing that you've got issues receiving.
Having issues with your left side, or do you default to deflecting when people give you compliments... those are issues with receiving as well.
There are many reasons or causes that go into issues for receiving.
One of the most common ones that I see is, 'receiving growing up wasn't a good thing.' Either what we received from those who were supposed to care for us and meet our needs wasn't a good thing or it was downright traumatic.
The second one is self worth - not feeling worthy of receiving.

So, there are the basics of receiving (Receiving 101, if you will):
   - Be open to it.
   - Know that you are worthy of it.
   - When someone compliments you, reply with a simple, "Thank you."
   - When someone offers to help you out, take a deep breath and accept their help.
   - Tell yourself that it's safe to receive now. You are not that little kid anymore.

For those of us who experience discrimination (systemic, subtle, blatant outward, microaggressions, and anything in between), it is even more vital that we focus on receiving the positive healing energies from those who love and support us rather than allow the hurts of the oppressors and those using perpetrating behaviors continue to linger and harm us. Where attention goes, energy flows.

It's time to take our receiving to the next level, Receiving 201:
   - Let the awful things of others go through you. Don't take it on, don't try to process it in your being, just let it go through your energy. If it wasn't kind or healing, it wasn't meant for you to hold on to.
   - Focus your time and energy only on those who love and support you. Really challenge yourself to FEEL their love and support. Others who don't are NOT worth your time or energy. Literally, they are not worthy of it. Think about that - take that in for a moment. Consciously re-prioritizing and reprogramming this within you can be a monumental shift.
   - Ask for help. Seems so simple, yet is one of the most daunting things. Know that Spirit/Universe, etc is supporting you on this!
   - Be intentional about the amount of exposure you have to receiving information around things that can be harmful to you (this can mean a job change to living in a different country to consciously choosing to go off social media).

I bet that you have more people who support and love you in your life than don't. But the problem is that it doesn't FEEL that way. This is our ego, the pain body, the contrary, the hurt trying to keep us down. And we can't let it. We need to acknowledge it for what it is and release it. This is absolutely vital to our health on every level; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual! 

Turn off the power switch to the those using harmful behaviors. Leave them in the dark.
Turn on the switch to light up the luminaries, those who radiate love. Let them fuel you. 
This is where you get to own your power. You get to choose where your energy will flow. You get to choose which energy you want to receive.

As always, I fully support people to fully feel their emotions, have their process and work through their hurts, as I believe this is important to the healing process.

Did this post help you? Did something shift for you? Please share in the comments below.

Chaos + Centeredness = ??

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Spirit you need to know about them?

I am thoroughly enjoying me some Facebook Live!
I hope thatyou can come and join me!
Here is a video I did about Meeting your Spirit Guides.

We cover:
   - Their names - do we give them their names? do they already come with names? do we need to know their names?
   - What form are Spirit Guides - human? unseen?
   - What are the various groups of celestial Beings? Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Arch Angels, Animal Guides, etc.
and most of all....
   - Do you need to know who your Spirit Guides are so you can move forward on your journey???

Feel free to leave comments on the Fb page and I will make sure to answer them! Yay!!!