Back to my roots Flash Sale

Well, VIP, the past couple of years has been quite transformative!

Both on individual and collective levels.

I know we've gone through a lot on the collective levels - and still are. But stay with me for a moment. Let's go a little deeper into this and see what's going on.

Basically we have been asked to go back to our roots. For some of us that has meant literally and physically moving back to the home towns where we were raised - or more remote areas. (Picture Dumbledore's army)

For some of this it also means going back to the basics.
We're elevating our level of basic needs and what that looks like.

I have been doing this in many ways... connecting with my heritage, renewed interests that I had growing up, and actually moving to the small town that I said I would never move back to. ha! 

As an aries, I am always about moving forward. Personal, professional, spiritual growth.
I've always been so focused on that.

Then they shared with me...
"It's important for us to remember where we came from."

We have lessons that we wanted to learn with our family of origin and we have soul lessons we are continually working on that weave throughout our life.
And reconnecting and integrating this is what makes us whole.

Just like doing the shadow work.
Just like connecting with our ego helps us develop our intuition.

With this, I have also been feeling pulled to go back to my roots with YOU.

This means that for the next few days I'm offering a Back to my roots Flash Sale!

Which means that I'm reconnecting with my beginnings of my offerings.

It's a 'pay what you can' type of special.

I'll be offering Private Energy Healing Sessions: 90-minutes and 60-minutes.
90-minutes for new or returning clients
60-minutes for returning clients only

And the rates reflect the various rates throughout the years.
Of course as my skills increased and tool box expanded, rates increased.
But until Sunday, 10/20/19 at 11:59pm PT, you get to choose the rate that works for you!

Best part?
No limit! Grab as many as you want.
They can be purchased for others - think gifts!

Just use them by the end of the year and you're good to go!

New to the VIP community?
You can learn more about people's experiences with Private Energy Healing Sessions, here.

Want less stress?
Want to integrate what's been going on lately?
Ready for some answers or looking for some validation around what you're experiencing?

A private energy healing session can help you with any or all of the above.

Well, VIP, I look forward to working with you!
AND I would LOVE to read from YOU! What is a 'back to your roots' transformation that you've been experiencing the past couple of years? Just hit reply and share with me.

Vibrant blessings, 

ashley koe

Energy Intuitive
Certified Reiki Master Teacher
Founder of Align & Thrive™

PS. Registration for the Reiki weekend course in Carefree, Arizona at CIVANA Wellness Resort closes this Sunday as well!

Ashley Koe Rebranding Session - 65.jpg

***EXTENDED*** Labor Day Announcements. + Specials

***These specials have been extended to end on 9/9/19***
You get a little bit more time to settle in and still get your special discount or free session!

Hey hey, VIP!
Here are the specials and ways we get to work together for the remainder of 2019!
Can you believe that on Saturday we enter the final trimester of this year?! Holy smokes! Where did the time go!?

Because your time is a precious resource that I honor, here's a quick preview so you can read what you feel pulled to:
- VIP Days
- Private Sessions
- Reiki Classes
- Align & Thrive™

Release, Align, Integrate, Nourish

Imagine spending a day together where we get to allow time and space to make this transition sacred.
You are seen, held, validated and supported. All with ease!
In a country cabin, you get to come and show up exactly as you are.
We spend the day being real about what's going on (read: fears, humanness, guilt, shame, etc.), releasing all that needs to be let go in order for you to move forward with ease.
Allowing you to integrate into your new level of living and all this while staying grounded and clear on what is aligned with your soul and energy.
Whether this change and transition is your personal life (relationship change, life change, etc.) or a professional one (career change, starting a business or shifting things in your business), this is your time.

VIP days are a sacred time where we get to work together in a nurturing, nourishing, sacred healing capacity.
If you're going through a life transition, ready to uncover some deliciousness from your soul with guidance and support on getting there, or you're wanting some time working directly with me to set up the technical aspects of your business, or even a combination of all of the above, this is the time.
We will get to share 4-6 hours together and it can be done either in person at my country cabin or via video conference (zoom).
This is only good until they're gone, then they go up to regular price, so head on over and grab yours now.

I've got 2 more spots at 50% off a VIP day with me!
This is the only time it will ever be this low. Once they are gone, they're gone.
You can schedule yours now (use code "VIP50"), or get it as a Gift Certificate and schedule it later.
Click this link and get lock it in with a 4-month payment plan.
Just make sure to use it before 12/31/19.

Private Sessions

Wanting to check in with your soul and energy? For a limited window of time, Private Sessions are open for booking (or purchasing).
These sessions are 45-mins or 75-mins.
I have been honoring my energy and doing a very limited amount of them this year - as you might have noticed.
For this weekend only, I'm offering another chance to get in and book yours.
You're welcome to book as many as you want until the end of the year. Just know that after Monday, 9/2, it'll close again.

You can schedule yours now, or get them as a Gift Certificate and schedule them later.
Special Packages are also available - save up to $150!
Can be used by multiple people (think upcoming gifts). Must be used by 12/31/19.
Get as many as you want!

Learn Reiki your way

Self Paced Online Reiki Course
Labor Day weekend special!
Sign up for the Self Paced Online Reiki Course and you get a FREE 75-mins Private Session! $250 value!
Use it for yourself or gift it to someone. Also must be used within a year of when you register for the class.
Just click which course you'd like: Spoken English or American Sign Language (ASL)

***UPDATED*** Weekend Course or Retreat Immersion

Okay, a little more information about this special upcoming Reiki Course!
Save the date and spread the info!
Are you ready for this?! I am so stoked about it!
We'll be at the phenomenal CIVANA Resort in Carefree, AZ!!!!
Friday, Oct 25th - Sunday, Oct 27th, 2019
Come join us at this sacred, healing + magical resort!
Most details and course registration is now open! (With more goodies are to come.)
What makes this unique?
Due to the nature of the space, lodging and food are on your own,
but CIVANA has the most delicious foods on the property and when you stay there, as a guest you not only get to stay in a beautiful room, but you also get access to many complimentary holistic classes + experiences, full access to their beautiful property and all that it has to offer (pools, medicinal botanic meditation garden, Aqua Vitality circuit) and more!
Plus, as a Reiki Course registrant you get discounts for lodging, food and spa services!
A roommate finder will be available for those who register.
BONUS: Register by 11:59pm PT on 9/9/19 and your will receive TWO free 75-mins Private Sessions!

Already taken a reiki course, but still want to join? No problem! Just reply to this email and we'll get you registered at a discounted rate.

New around these parts and not sure about what Reiki is exactly? No problem!
Enjoy this Free Intro to Reiki webinar {Spoken English} {ASL}.

Align & Thrive™: Energy Stewardship Program
I've been seriously considering not doing this until next year, but I just can't stay away from it. I love this work so much and I've been missing it.
It's been an adjustment for me to go from doing this work as a year-long program to only a few months as an online course.
So, let's do this!
The energies are amp-ing up, I can feel that people are R-E-A-D-Y to deepen their practice and take things to the next level. Especially as we head into 2020... uh huh, you know what I'm talking about. *coughs - election year*
So, we'll be starting this 8-week online program on October 1st. (I know it might seem like that's a ways away, but really it's only 4 weeks away).
Already know you wanna be a part of this Align & Thrive™ goodness and wanna sign up this weekend?
Reply to this email and you will get THREE bonus 75-mins Private Sessions with me!

Okay, VIP, as always, here's to you!
You are an amazing sensitive being in our world!
You are needed...tuned in, tapped in and turned on.
You deserve to be supported on your human journey.

Wishing you a safe, magical, fun and adventurous Labor Day weekend!

ashley koe

Wholistic Energy Stewardship Coach
Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT)
Founder of Align & Thrive™