Back to my roots Flash Sale

Well, VIP, the past couple of years has been quite transformative!

Both on individual and collective levels.

I know we've gone through a lot on the collective levels - and still are. But stay with me for a moment. Let's go a little deeper into this and see what's going on.

Basically we have been asked to go back to our roots. For some of us that has meant literally and physically moving back to the home towns where we were raised - or more remote areas. (Picture Dumbledore's army)

For some of this it also means going back to the basics.
We're elevating our level of basic needs and what that looks like.

I have been doing this in many ways... connecting with my heritage, renewed interests that I had growing up, and actually moving to the small town that I said I would never move back to. ha! 

As an aries, I am always about moving forward. Personal, professional, spiritual growth.
I've always been so focused on that.

Then they shared with me...
"It's important for us to remember where we came from."

We have lessons that we wanted to learn with our family of origin and we have soul lessons we are continually working on that weave throughout our life.
And reconnecting and integrating this is what makes us whole.

Just like doing the shadow work.
Just like connecting with our ego helps us develop our intuition.

With this, I have also been feeling pulled to go back to my roots with YOU.

This means that for the next few days I'm offering a Back to my roots Flash Sale!

Which means that I'm reconnecting with my beginnings of my offerings.

It's a 'pay what you can' type of special.

I'll be offering Private Energy Healing Sessions: 90-minutes and 60-minutes.
90-minutes for new or returning clients
60-minutes for returning clients only

And the rates reflect the various rates throughout the years.
Of course as my skills increased and tool box expanded, rates increased.
But until Sunday, 10/20/19 at 11:59pm PT, you get to choose the rate that works for you!

Best part?
No limit! Grab as many as you want.
They can be purchased for others - think gifts!

Just use them by the end of the year and you're good to go!

New to the VIP community?
You can learn more about people's experiences with Private Energy Healing Sessions, here.

Want less stress?
Want to integrate what's been going on lately?
Ready for some answers or looking for some validation around what you're experiencing?

A private energy healing session can help you with any or all of the above.

Well, VIP, I look forward to working with you!
AND I would LOVE to read from YOU! What is a 'back to your roots' transformation that you've been experiencing the past couple of years? Just hit reply and share with me.

Vibrant blessings, 

ashley koe

Energy Intuitive
Certified Reiki Master Teacher
Founder of Align & Thrive™

PS. Registration for the Reiki weekend course in Carefree, Arizona at CIVANA Wellness Resort closes this Sunday as well!

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Dear Luminary,

Dear luminary,

Why do I call you a luminary, VIP?
Because I know you. You are shining the light on the darkness. You are passionate about justice.
Your desire starts with and goes beyond everyone on this planet having their basic needs and rights be met.
It also goes further, desiring all creatures to be loved, honored, embraced and celebrated.

You also have learned that you are willing to have the hard conversations.
You're willing to learn how to have them.
You're willing to do them imperfectly because you know it's the right thing to do.

It's important to connect with your fiery anger within.
It's just as important to harness that and let it fuel your connection with others.

You tend to be the one sparking new concepts in your circles,
igniting new perspectives,
and seeing the light in others.

This is why you are a luminary.

No matter what kind of work you get paid for right now, you continue to show up
For yourself,
For your people,
For our world.

You are moving us forward.
You are elevating our conscious collective.

Yes, these are dark times we're experiencing.
These are the times where we get to honor the moon, stars and planets that are shining in the darkness.
These are the times where we get to hold the candle and feel our way through new pathways.
These are the times where the glow of the embers are keeping us warm.

And this is also why it's vital (think vital signs) for us to come together.
To have our tribe. To lean on our people. To reach out and connect with new folx who become our people.
As we come together our individual candles start to light up the world.

And we must balance as best we can.
So we do not to burn out.
Or start a wildfire.

So yes, YOU are a luminary.

And together we got this. We carry the evolution within our hearts. The fire in our bellies.

Today, of all days, the day after Winter Solstice - the longest night and shortest day of the year - where many cultures for centuries have ushered in the light, welcoming it back to continue blessing the Earth with it's light and warmth.

Shine on, luminary,

ashley koe
Founder of Align & Thrive™

If you are ready to collectively bring our lights together and join others in this illumination of our world, I invite you to check out Align & Thrive™. It IS our time. Our world is transforming in magnificent ways. Your light is needed.

Because I ended up taking Winter Solstice as a day of rest, (whew, that was an intense and incredible 24 hours), Early Bird has been extended to 12/31/17 at 11:59pm. Check out these incredible bonuses and the various options.
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