Never See Another Healer Again!


1) This is a huge statement, right? Like, whoa!

2) Why would an energy healer* say such a thing!? Wouldn't that put you out of business?!?
The reality is, unfortunately, no it will not put me (or my beloved millions of colleagues) out of business. There are over 6 billion people on this planet. I believe that there is a healer for everyone exactly when they are wanting one. However, just like most of my social work/activist friends, I would love to work myself out of a job! Think about it...during our session together I get to facilitate energy and share what I am picking up on with the goal of sharing tools with you. I am here for you when you want, but ultimately you are the one who has to go and make those daily choices and create those changes.

3) So, here's the deal....YOU are your own healer. Yup, I said it! As we continue to raise our vibrations and connect with our own healing abilities, we soon discover the universal truth that we can (and do) heal ourselves! And most likely you have already experienced this at some point in your life. Have you ever quit a vice? Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or sugar? Have you ever started a new body movement program (commonly known as exercise routine/program)? Have you ever started eating differently? Or adding vitamins, herbs or supplements? These are all physical examples of you healing yourself. Of course there are emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well.
Each one of us is capable of connecting with our own energies and intuitively knowing exactly what we need. THIS is why I teach. I LOVE channeling messages and seeing people come into alignment with their soul. Whether it's aligning with their soul lesson, soul purpose, soul truth or feeling soul empowerment, it's the most incredible feeling ever!
Your answers are within you. No longer do you need to look outside of you or to another healer to tell you what is going on. You can develop your intuition and ability to read your own energy! 

'What about ego? How will I know what is my intuition and what is my ego?' You will learn to discifer which is which. You will learn through trial and error. You will learn to trust that this too is part of the process.

Last weekend a couple of students in our 2nd year Energy Medicine Mentoring Program shared, "I know that I have changed, but I don't feel like I have changed." I know this feeling so well. I would come home from my mentoring program classes I was taking and I never felt like I was becoming someone I wasn't or changing in a negative way (which is usually what is implied when we say, "You've changed."). Rather, I was becoming someone I knew deep down that I already was. Someone who I had been all along. I was given words, concepts and explanations of ideas I thought and feelings I felt but couldn't ever explain to anyone. The only way I was able to explain it was that I had come into alignment.
I could apply how "everything happens for a reason" even to those who experienced trauma. No longer was my sensitivity to energies a liability, but rather a superpower. And best of all, my soul was (and still is) alive!

I have found my high vibe soul tribe. I hope that you find yours. And most of all, I hope that you feel that magical feeling of soul alignment!

If are wanting to feel soul alignment, learn how to develop your intuition and/or read your own energy, go check out our VIP Energy Medicine Mentoring Program. We are currently accepting applications for this program until Sunday, May 31st, 2015 at 11:59pm MST. Only six students per class will be selected, to study together in this intimate, life-changing, ego-busting and foundation-rocking year long mentoring program. Please note: this program only opens its doors once a year.

Love, light and vibrant blessings,


* When I use the word healer*, I mean that this person is a facilitator of healing that is guided and directed by your Highest Self.