How Craigslist Changed my life!

   In 2010, I started noticing how I was getting sick on a more regular basis. Nothing 'big' just colds from rundown and possibly burnout. When I looked back on my calendar to realize that it had been happening for a few months, I decided that it was time to change that. So, I went online and starting looking at the 'Community' classes section of Craigslist. Mind you, the only things I frequented Craigslist for was furniture and concert tickets. It also helped when I moved to Colorado a couple of years prior to find a job and apartment. So, this section of Craigslist was pretty foreign to me. I started by looking up 'healing' and then looked through some of the upcoming offerings.
   Then I came across this one where she talked about this 'Reiki' class. I had never heard of Reiki or even had any idea what it was. I read through as much as I could, both on her website and others. Then I emailed her to see if we could meet before I decided whether or not to take her class. She was completely open, warm and friendly. She answered a bunch of my questions and that was the beginning of my healing journey! Since then, it has been this huge feeling of 'coming home.' I don't feel as if I have changed, I feel as though I have 'found my people,' and am now equipped with the words and concepts that I have always felt, but didn't even really know I was feeling. THIS is what I call 'Alignment.' It's coming home to your divine self, gaining the insight and re-connecting with that ease and flow of who you truly are.
   Whether it's taking a Reiki class (we have our Spring one, this weekend), or following another path that feels right for you, this feeling of alignment is my deepest wish for you. May you know that you are divine perfection exactly as you are, feel empowered to make that next move and *know* that the Universe is conspiring with you.
   Your turn! Share with us...has there been a time in your life when you received 'guidance' from the most unexpected place? Whether it be from a random stranger, a street sign or an organization? How did this message change your life? Share in the comments below!