Happy 11/1/1 day!

Happy 11/1/1 day!

It's the 11th day of the 1st month of a 1 Universal year in numerology!
Today is the 1st day of the new 9 year cycle!
It's also the time of the Full Moon!
A beautiful and abundant time to set intentions for the things that you want your life to look like!

A special 11/1/1 Full Moon gift for you!
Sign up for Align & Thrive™ today and get 2 books ("Heal Your Life" and "Intuitive Self Healing" and a bonus (my absolute favorite and most recommended) affirmation deck, "Affirm Your Worth!"

According to numerologist.com,
"This 11/1/1 number code reactivates the powerful manifesting portal that kicked off our brand new Universal year cycle.

The choice you make today will not only set the tone and potential for your next 365 days, but for your next 9 years.

Remember, the last time we experienced this powerful rush of “1” Universal energy was 2008, a year of massive upheaval and change.

Some people experienced incredible surges in abundance and effortlessly weathered the storm, as if somehow immune to the crippling economy…

While many honest and hard-working folks struggled endlessly to stay afloat as the year’s unstoppable “1” energy swelled around them.

2017 is not the year to sit on the sidelines and wait for things to happen. It’s the year to move in your own direction powerfully and confidently, regardless of what others are doing, and there’s no time to waste."

How was 2008 for you?
I can tell you that 2008 was one of the most transformational years of my life!

It was the year I moved from Seattle to Colorado, ended up getting into alignment with my Higher Power and started to realize what it was that I needed (rather than meeting everyone else's needs). Needless to say, it was a year that has shifted the entire course of my life - in every way!

Many people were ready to say, "Good Riddance" to 2016, why? It was a 9 year - it was helping us clear out the old and other things that we didn't need in order to start this new cycle!

This is what happens in people's lives when they are getting ready for a new, higher vibration!

Things at the old vibration start to dissipate if they aren't able or are unwilling to move to higher vibrations.

Yes, even though your ego can have you freaking out right now, it can be: jobs, relationships, friendships, homes, and more!

And from your soul's perspective: It's all okay.

Now, from a human perspective it may not feel that way.

Take comfort in knowing that it is.

You are being fully supported by the Universe. And if things beyond your control are happening to you, then consider this: the Universe is doing for you that which you cannot do for yourself.

All of this is helping us get back into alignment.

It's helping us make room for the new!

So, if this is your year where you are feeling some upheaval and would actually like to have some support around navigating it, join us in Align & Thrive™.

This is a year long mentoring, group coaching program where you have my full undivided attention and support for everything that you will be going through.

We integrate all of the human experiences as soul lessons.
We support each other on our journey.
We learn about soul agreements to help us navigate these human experiences.

You are an incredible Being. And you have so many gifts ready to be shared with the world.

Come join us today and get your special 11/1/1 gifts!

Doors now close for 2017 Align & Thrive™ on 1/15/17 (it was suppose to be today, but things have shifted). And we go with the flow here!

Want to know more about Align & Thrive™? Read the details and what other have to say, here.

Have more specific questions? You can set up a 30-mins free no pressure time with me here. We'll make sure it's an aligned fit for you and what you're wanting to do.

I will be sending out another email here soon with a schedule for more fun goodies coming your way this week.

Until then, co-create a blessed and vibrant day!