Grief and Spirituality: Can you do both?

How can you grieve when you consider yourself a Spiritual person?
Must you always think positive? Must you always smile, show joy and know that everything happens for a reason? Isn't it contradictory to be Spiritual and feel anger? 

This was our topic for today's Monthly Healing Exchange - a sacred space where we come together, share about the energies of what has been going on lately and connect in with the Divine to channel pure loving energies to each other, and most importantly, we receive.
And quite honestly this is one of the most common topics that I work on with clients, students and mentees.

It has been a turbulent time lately with five planets in retrograde, it isn't about things going 'wrong', it's about things coming up that are asking to be looked at and healed. And most of those things lately are some pretty major life lessons our souls came to learn. Therefore it feels like upheaval. It feels like chaos. It feels overwhelming.

Some of these are huge life changes: death - souls transitioning to the other side, job changes - loss of jobs, promotions, leaving old ones to follow your dreams, and even relationships and marriages coming to an end.

And as we know, and sometimes we even get glimpses of how these things typically perceived as negative can be good, positive, 'better in the long run' changes in our lives and even feel aligned for us and our truth.

Sometimes these changes are even 'positive' changes in our lives: an exciting new job, starting a new relationship, kids going to college, renovating your home, finding a new passion or hobby or even letting go of old things that no longer serve us.

These positive changes can still bring up grief and sadness for the other chapter that is closing. There can be an undercurrent of grief even though you feel like you're 'suppose to be' happy. You can still feel resistance, reluctance and even resentment towards these changes.

And that's okay! Because we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

Our Spiritual growth comes from our human experiences. It doesn't come from meditating our way to nirvana or Reiki-ing the shit out of every uncomfortable situation.
It comes from FEELING the human emotions. All. Of. Them.
Yes, even those 'low-vibration', 'not-so-good-feeling' emotions that we will try everything to avoid. Anger, frustration, grief, sadness, shame, guilt, pity, loathing, and even feeling victimized.

Yes, thinking positive can transform your life. It can change the trajectory of your outcome and it can even lead to defying the odds and healing yourself.

However, if you deny yourself the opportunity to accept where you are right now, then you aren't able to grow into the place you know you can. You have to start somewhere.

Start with putting your hands on your 2nd Chakra (just below your belly button) and ask yourself, "How do I really feel?" Hint: it is most likely the exact opposite of what you 'think' you feel. You cannot access your emotions through thought; only through how you feel in your body.

These emotions are just as informative as the 'high-vibe emotions'. They can share guidance with us, opportunities for growth, information about who we really are and when boundaries have been crossed. Which in turn can teach us what we really want, since we humans LOVE to learn through contrast.

Our emotions are held in our Second Chakra - the juicy, passionate and busy chakra. This is also where we are able to access our deep intuitive, Seat of our Soul. When you feel neutral about things, then you know it's coming from your soul - especially if they don't make any sense logically. However, you can't feel that neutrality if you are suppressing your emotions. Your chakra becomes blocked, stagnant and imbalanced.

This can lead to an array of health issues physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. But that will be for another time.

Back to your Brene Brown talks about, when we allow ourselves to feel our 'dark' emotions, then we also give ourselves permission to truly experience the 'light' emotions like: joy, happiness, exhilaration, alignment.

Acceptance of what is (the current reality AND all of your feelings about it), is the key to being able to make room for that life you know you can live... and deserve!

So go out there! Be Spiritual! And feel that anger! Feeling it allows you to move through it.
Suppressing it and denying it, allows it to manifest into dis-ease.
Feel it. Observe it. Release it. So you can move through it.
And then ask what was the lesson in all of it.
Now you can let the answers flow in and return to that spiritual connection. Maybe it was a soul lesson, maybe it was an exercise of your free will or going against your intuition, maybe it was a childhood wound asking to be healed.

Just know that you ARE being spiritual by feeling your human emotions.

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Vibrant blessings, VIPs,

ashley koe
Energy Intuitive, Alignment Coach &
Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT)