EXTENDED: Birthday specials are here!

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April is here, VIP!!! 

That means that my birthday is here! (Thursday, April 11th!)
And oh woweee do I LOVE celebrating my birthday! 

I don't know why. Buy honestly, i always have. 

One year a group of friends went to the San Juan Islands, I've been to Miami, and last year I was adventuring with my best friend in Mexico! 

This year it's pretty local - which is nice. And celebrating with some lovely friends and family with more intimate (read: smaller) gatherings. Which I appreciate. 

BUT... I also love getting to celebrate with YOU!!! 
It's become an annual tradition that I just adore!

Look, I may not ever work on my birthday even though I know that I am meant to do this work here in this world.
I just LOVE me some private sessions.
And I've gotten the 'go ahead' from my guides to offer them in a large way!
NOTE: This is a special pop-up limited time offer since I am not offering private sessions on a regular basis anymore. 

Are you ready for this, VIP??
Oookay! Here we go!

Option 1
You can sign up for individual private sessions:
45-mins or 75-mins
*In order to get these you must book them at check out.


Option 2
You can get a Gift Certificate / Package of 3 sessions at an incredible rate!
3- 45-mins sessions ($105 off regular price)
3- 75-mins sessions (get the 3rd one for free!)
*These can be used by 3 different people and you have 100 days from the date of purchase to use them. Please note: New clients must use a 75-mins session first and then can use 45-mins or 75-mins sessions.


Option 3
Register for one of the upcoming Reiki classes you will receive a BONUS Private Session!
Reiki weekend course {ASL} - 1- 45-mins session - a $150 value!
Reiki Master Teacher course + Practicum {ASL} - 1- 75-mins session - a $250 value!

And the best part....
There's no limit!
You can buy as many as you want, heck you could even buy do all three options!

All of this goodness ends on Thurs, 4/11 at 11:59pm PT so if this is some goodness you've been waiting for, head on over and get yours now, VIP!
Here's to celebrating life and all the goodness that it brings us!
***Now extended until Sunday, 4/15 at 11:59pm PT!

ashley koe

Wholistic Energy Alignment Coach
Certified Reiki Master Teacher
Creatrix of Align & Thrive™

Pic Credit: Valerie Blake Photography
Location: Wild Hearts Farm