Annual Birthday Flash Sale ends tonight!

BDay Flash sale closes tonight.jpg

Nearly everything is 33-something off! (bet you can't guess how old I am... hahaha!)
ALL sessions, packages and items (books, crystals, etc.) are either 33% off or $33 off!! Heck we even have a Reiki class for $33 off - and we never discount that! Like I mentioned earlier, it's a rare time right now.

For single sessions (that you want to schedule now) (healing sessions or alignment coaching), enter code: "HB33" and get $33 off the regular prices.
For single sessions (that you want to gift or complete within the next 90 days), simply choose 'Gift Certificate' and whichever session you would like to have. Then enter code: "HB33$" and you will receive $33 off the price, but you won't have to schedule it right now. These can be for yourself or another person.
For packages (healing sessions or alignment coaching), enter the code: "HB33%" and get 33% off the prices of the already discounted packages - this by far is the best deal! (Don't want to use them all yourself, you can gift some by just simply sharing the code with others!)
For items in our healing store (crystals, books, affirmation cards, etc), enter code: "HB33%" and get 33% off the regular price!!

This flash Birthday/Full Moon/Retrograde sale will be ending at 11:59pm MDT on Thursday, 4/13/17.

Also, remember, ash that we already have $33 off the 2017 Online Reiki Course going on now until Sunday, April 16th, at 11:59pm MDT. Click here, and enter "late33" in the coupon area of the Registration form and you'll get the $33 off your tuition.