Chaos + Centeredness = ??

Can you have both chaos and feel centered at the same time?
Right now in our world we are experiencing upheavals back to back. We have barely recovered from the last one and next thing you know another one comes to our awareness.

Energetically this chaos is bringing those things to the surface that are ready to be healed. Just as we individually have the four bodies (or layers) so does our collective consciousness: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical. 

This past month has been quite a whirlwind hasn't it?? Our world's consciousness is rising and matters requiring our growth are being brought forth to the light. In just one month we've had numerous acts of violence being brought to our attention via mainstream and social media.
#PulseOrlando, #Istanbul, #BlackLivesMatter (Albert and Philandro) and now #France again and so much more in between that hasn't gotten our attention or that has been going on in our local communities or personal experiences.

During this time, we are being asked to:
- Be open to learning,
- Remain teachable - connecting with our human selves and learn what that means in terms of being a Spiritual Being,
- Express our truth - especially when we don't want to, having the 'hard' conversations are vital to our healing and each others' growth,
- Remember that we are ALL connected - and bridging these gaps through conversations with loved ones reminds us of that, and finally
- Feel ALL the feels. All. Of. Them. As human beings we are complex Beings where we are capable of feelings a wide variety of emotions at the same time. Let them be there. Acknowledge them. Hold space for them. Ask others to hold space for them (receive).

These are remarkable ways to have healing come forth and contribute to raising our consciousness. Let it begin within, friends.

In these times, it can be challenging to get clear on what is going on within.
So this weekend, I offer my support as an Energy Alignment Coach. Together we get clear on what you need right now, in this moment and how you can best meet those needs. We clear paths for the old to surface so you may heal and release what is no longer serving you so you can step into this new level of your life. Whether it's with the events of the world, your life path, your life purpose, your health or a combination of the above, in our session together we allow for what is in your Highest Good to come forth.

This allows for us to check in with your Energy Anatomy (chakras & auric fields), your past lives, your soul's communication, your Spirit Allies (guides, ancestors, loved ones who have crossed over, etc.), and more!

Each session is different. Each session is unique. Your energy is constantly changing, so of course your energy would be changing as well!

Some new things are in the works and I will be restructuring my services (including the rates) soon, so I want to give you an opportunity for you to get these rates at an even more incredible deal! After all, the world needs healing. Let it begin within, VIP. Click the links below to read more about this deal. It ends at 11:59pm MDT on Friday, July 22nd, 2016. *Remember, if you are a new client to VIP you must complete a 90-mins Private session and then you can choose a 60-mins session.
60-mins Sessions Special - you can also read more about Private Energy Healing Sessions here
90-mins Sessions Special - you can read more about Private Energy Healing Sessions with VIP ashley here.
Alignment Coaching Sessions Special - read more about Alignment Coaching sessions here.

Know that you are loved unconditionally. Know that in living life each day as your most authentic Self is healing our world. And know that the Universe continues to support you in meeting your needs and caring for yourself.

**Some changes with In-Person offerings:
Also, just a heads things are shifting, due to some personal transformative events taking place in our lives, we will not be offering in-person sessions August - October. All of our sessions will be done via distance (Zoom) until further notice. This may change, if it does, we will let you know. 

Remember to grab the deal of the summer, VIP! You are loved and supported unconditionally.

And even as our world continues to grow and change, you do have the capabilities within to still feel grounded, centered and soul-aligned.

In joy, love and harmony,

VIP ashley