Dear Luminary,

Dear luminary,

Why do I call you a luminary, VIP?
Because I know you. You are shining the light on the darkness. You are passionate about justice.
Your desire starts with and goes beyond everyone on this planet having their basic needs and rights be met.
It also goes further, desiring all creatures to be loved, honored, embraced and celebrated.

You also have learned that you are willing to have the hard conversations.
You're willing to learn how to have them.
You're willing to do them imperfectly because you know it's the right thing to do.

It's important to connect with your fiery anger within.
It's just as important to harness that and let it fuel your connection with others.

You tend to be the one sparking new concepts in your circles,
igniting new perspectives,
and seeing the light in others.

This is why you are a luminary.

No matter what kind of work you get paid for right now, you continue to show up
For yourself,
For your people,
For our world.

You are moving us forward.
You are elevating our conscious collective.

Yes, these are dark times we're experiencing.
These are the times where we get to honor the moon, stars and planets that are shining in the darkness.
These are the times where we get to hold the candle and feel our way through new pathways.
These are the times where the glow of the embers are keeping us warm.

And this is also why it's vital (think vital signs) for us to come together.
To have our tribe. To lean on our people. To reach out and connect with new folx who become our people.
As we come together our individual candles start to light up the world.

And we must balance as best we can.
So we do not to burn out.
Or start a wildfire.

So yes, YOU are a luminary.

And together we got this. We carry the evolution within our hearts. The fire in our bellies.

Today, of all days, the day after Winter Solstice - the longest night and shortest day of the year - where many cultures for centuries have ushered in the light, welcoming it back to continue blessing the Earth with it's light and warmth.

Shine on, luminary,

ashley koe
Founder of Align & Thrive™

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The 3 important D's of a lightworker's work

A&T Peacock rise from the ashes.jpg

Death, Destruction and Darkness
Are a part of the cycle of life.

They are catalysts for breaking down that which no longer serves our highest good.

They help us clear the way for new growth.

They are just as important as birth, growth and light.

We cannot have one without the other.

This is the dichotomy.
It is the cycle of nature.
And she knows what she is doing.

We must not fight it.
Fighting it only contributes to suffering.
It’s us resisting (and I don’t mean that in a good way)
It’s us leaving claw marks in the journey of being changed.

When we flow WITH it we are in alignment.
Yes, even the death, destruction, darkness and everything ‘going up in flames’ can be in alignment with your soul.

So allow yourself to crash & burn
Because only from that ‘bottom’ is where you can rise from the ashes.

You don’t have to do this alone. Align & Thrive™️ Energy Alignment Mentoring Program is where we come together and grow through these life experiences, course corrections and soul alignment adventures together.

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A soul-aligned life is scary, you're right

Dear ego,

You're absolutely right. Living a soul-aligned life is scary AF!

It's not something that you signed up for.

You (your ego) reminder, the giver of safety.
The keeper of stability.
The master of logistics.

This 'soul' thing... it's not your thing.
It's not your style, your cup of tea or how you move through the world.

And that's okay. It's not a bad thing.
It's just not in your wheelhouse.
It's not what you were created to do.
It's not based on your strengths.

So, dear ego, we'll stop asking you.
That's right. We'll stop the insanity of expecting you to do something different.

We'll only come to you for your strengths.
We'll ask to you take care of logistics.

As for the soul aligned stuff...
We'll connect with intuition.
The one whose strength is accessing the soul, speaking the soul's language and guiding us on this journey.

In fact, we'll even go one step further.
We'll intentionally connect with you both based on your strengths.

We will feel the fear and acknowledge it.
Knowing that you're warning us that it's new, different and doesn't make logical sense.
And since we have such a long-term relationship, we'll take that as an indication that this isn't computing for you.
Since we promised to stop the insanity.
And in this situation the insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
We'll turn to intuition and connect with her.

As we know this IS her strength.
This IS in her wheelhouse.

She'll remind us that you are indicating that it actually IS in alignment with our soul.
No matter what the logistics, common sense and emotions may bring up.
We will no longer let them hold us back.

We will move forward.
Most likely with trepidation.
But we will do it.
One step at a time.

Because staying small, living with fear, self-doubt and dimming our light isn't serving this world.
And your soul knows it. And is ready to choose different.

So thank you, dear ego.
Thank you for helping us get to places on time.
Thank you for telling us which gas to put in the car.
Thank you for addressing the logistics of life.
And thank you for being an indicator of when to connect with intuition.


ashley koe
Founder of Align & Thrive™

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Another letter from my soul to yours

Dear VIP,

It's time.

Sensitives, Lightworkers, healers, movers and shakers everywhere are being asked to suit up and show up.

For yourself.
For your Soul.
For others.
For the world.

We're being asked to go within.
To get to know ourselves more intimately.

The beautiful thing is, you don't have to journey this alone.
You can be among others who are also on this journey.

Who understand. Who get it. Who are also going within and braving the wilderness.

You see, our soul never wants to feel lonely.
We were not made that way.
We were divinely designed with connection in mind.

This is how we grow. At rapid speeds.
To see ourselves reflected in others. In their experiences. In their beliefs.
To be connected. To be seen. To be felt. To be supported.
Integrating human experiences. This contributes to our soul growth.

This is soul intimacy.
Intimacy = into me I see

This is what it is to be intimate with your Self once again.
Your human mind. Your human emotions. Your human experiences.

Nothing goes unturned.
Everything is revamped.

We reconnect with your inner navigation.
We remember that we are all connected.

We grow from the compost, dirt, and darkness.
Allowing nature to take its course without our will interfering.
Rising with effortless ease.

Moving forward in life knowing a new way of BEing.
A familiar way of living.
A way we always yearned to feel. A way we have worked so hard to feel.
It is now here.
Connected. Rooted. Aligned. Present. Thriving.

This is the other side.
This is reaping what we sow.
This is what we get when we are willing to do the work.

To explore the darkness.
The shadows.
To uncover what is dimming our light.
To align with our soul.

Wishing you all of this and so much more, dear soul,

ashley koe
Energy Intuitive, Alignment Coach,
Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT), and
Founder of Align & Thrive™

PS. If you'd like to join the revolution of sensitives and lightworkers on a path of aligning with their soul's intentions, I invite you to check out our Energy Alignment Mentoring Program, Align & Thrive™.
This is my soul's work - to mentor fellow sensitives how to co-create an energetically nourishing life aligning with their soul.

A Letter from my soul to yours

You are meant to shine.
No 'if's,' 'and's' or 'but's.'

You chose to have this Superpower of sensitivity.

Yes, you, your soul, chose this.

This 'gift' that seems more like a burden more often than not.

Why? You wanted to change the world.

Eh, that's so cliche...

You wanted to BE the change in this world.
You wanted to connect with other old souls.
Those who are also sensitive.

Sensitive to hurt, pain and suffering.


So you can BE the light. To shine light on the darkness.
So you can be a beacon of light for younger souls who are newer to this human journey.

So you can bring healing to those who need it.

You wanted to be a part of a light revolution.

But, in order to do this there are going to be things asked of you that make you feel so uncomfortable.

SO uncomfortable.

Things you're going to feel so much resistance to.
Lean into them. Reach out. Do them anyway.
Because, dear soul, THIS is how you wanted to grow.

And - yes, you CAN do this.

You were divinely designed to do this.
I am with you, shoulder to shoulder, soul to soul.
You are divinely loved.
You are supported by all the Sacred.

Yours truly, fellow revolutionary light soul,

ashley koe
Energy Intuitive, Alignment Coach,
Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT), and
Founder of Align & Thrive™

PS. If you'd like to join the revolution of sensitives and lightworkers on a path of aligning with their soul's intentions, I invite you to check out our Energy Alignment Mentoring Program, Align & Thrive™.
This is my soul's work - to mentor fellow sensitives how to co-create an energetically nourishing life aligning with their soul.

10 tips for Empaths Getting through the holidays centered and aligned with your soul

The holidays can be such a magical time. The twinkling lights, the joy of the season and the feeling of connection that we feel with our fellow humans.
There’s not much else like it the rest of the year.

For Empaths it can also be a very draining time.
A time when as givers we can over give and deplete ourselves - leaving us sick, feeling disconnected and discombobulated.
A time when we as sensitive Beings, sense things that are going on, that may not be showing on the surface.
A time when being around so many other people can feel exhausting rather than joyful.

So here are some tips from a fellow Empath to help get through the holidays not only surviving them but you might even find yourself thriving when applied.

1) Energy Level check. Do you truly have the energy to go to that party?  Do you have the resources (which are also energy) to give gifts to others? 

Many times as Empaths we will push ourselves beyond our capacity (energetically, financially, physically, emotionally, mentally, humanly, etc). We do this because we care, because we anticipate feelings disappointment and guilt, because we do. 

Checking in with energy levels first helps us collect more facts rather than base things off feelings or expectations.

So getting real with ourselves is important. Remember, the universe/Spirit/Source/the Divine/Goddess/god doesn’t want us to be depleted and sacrifice ourselves for others. 

There is plenty to go around, so how can you give that IS within your ability and resources? 

Just remember, the Universe is very creative. When we can tap into that, along with the newly accepted energy level, answers will come.


2) Really check in with your intentions. As Empaths we can also walk a fine line with Codependency. By that I mean we would rather sacrifice ourselves than feel another person’s negative emotions (disappointment, sadness, etc). And we end up doing something out of alignment rather than what’s in our highest good. Which by the way, is also in the highest good of all. 

This can happen especially during the holidays when there is more societal pressure for life to be a certain way and we tend to want to show up and portray that. 

So, asking yourself the hard truth questions:
- Why am I going/giving? 
     • Is it out of obligation? Tradition? 
     • Not wanting to feel left out?
- Am I trying to keep up appearances?
- What is the real reason I am doing this? 

It’s not always pretty or easy to be honest with ourselves but it is a basis of being a trustworthy person. Not only to others, but also to yourself and your Soul.

3) Energy field Check In. Does this event feel like fun when you check in energetically? What do I mean by this? Close your eyes, take a deep breath, put all logistics aside and visualize yourself at the event/gathering/party. Does your energy become excited and expand? Or does it feel more constricted? 

Trust the first sense you get. Even if you don’t like it. Especially if you don’t like it or it doesn’t make sense. 

Energy is one way your soul uses to communicate with you. Taking the time (just a few minutes) to start building that relationship and check in makes it easier and quicker over time.


4) Intuition Invitation.  Does your intuition give you the ‘green light’? Even though you may have the energy and something feels like fun, doesn’t mean that your intuition is guiding you there.

A couple of quick tips with Intuition:
- It’s subtle and neutral (doesn’t yell or scream),
- You have to quiet your mind in order to connect with it,
- It doesn’t make sense (logic is the ego’s responsibility). 

((More on how to build a relationship with your intuition here))

5) Follow that. Then after receiving all of this information is to follow what has been shown.
Most likely there will be some resistance when it comes to this part.
Feel your feelings and still do it anyways.
This can sometimes be the most challenging step when starting on this journey. Especially if it’s something you really want to do, but your energy is feeling contracted. Or your intuition is sharing that something is off. 

I get it. It’s new and different. And this can bring up feelings of sadness and frustration. 

Which just means that your ego is having a hay day. It’s going to reiterate all the fears, perceptions and guilt and obligation. 

Choosing your soul over what your ego is sharing with you is challenging when you first start practicing this. But remember, your soul knows what’s in your highest good. Your soul is always watching out for you and leading the way. And life goes so much more smoothly when you choose to live in alignment with your soul. 

Drastically less amount of ‘course corrections’ - which can show up as challenges, feeling blocked and even chaos.

6) Recharging. How do you recharge your energy? How do you feel re-energized? Some recharge with alone time (introvert) and some recharge by being around others (extrovert). And yes, this is a continuum. It’s not one or the other. Some people can be mostly introverts and then feel recharged being around others in certain scenarios. 

But knowing this part of yourself will help you know what you need energetically.
The important things are:
- to know how you feel recharged,
- then make appointments with yourself to recharge, and
- keep the appointments! 

Then you can fully and wholly show up. All of you. In every way. And your presence is what others crave during this holiday season.
You will be able to give your excess and not your reserves.

7) Whose Energy is it? As an Empath it’s important to know whether you are feeling your own energy and feelings or someone else’s.
So, take a quick moment to ask yourself, “Is this mine or someone else’s?”
If it’s yours, then go on with, “What do I need?” Then do it.
If it’s someone else’s, then kindly notice it, release it back to the Universe and fill in your own energy field with your energy.
A quick visualization can be sufficient for this.
No need to over complicate it.

8) Take a moment to lean into this moment. Yes, this is the cliche of ‘this moment is a gift that’s why we call it the present.’
Really challenge yourself to lean into that. Many times we know it (cerebrally or intellectually) but we don’t actually apply and practice it.
Many Empaths spend their time replaying the past or trying to anticipate  future events that haven’t even happened.
So, yes, when things are happening and you are living your life, take a moment to FEEL the joy.
IN YOUR BODY (not in your head).
Allow the gratitude to spread throughout your physical Being.
Receive. Say thank you without feeling guilty or self deprecating.
Allow your energy to expand with ease.

9) Receive. Yes, this is the season of giving. 

As Empaths some common feelings are feeling like a burden to others, unworthiness or that others’ needs far surpass ours.
So we try to bypass receiving. We block off ways to receive. We even will downplay receiving. 

One quick check in is -> how do you respond when someone compliments you?
Do you instantly deflect it? Downplay it? Reject it?
Easily shift it by taking a deep breath in (receiving) and then exhale with, “thank you.”

When we receive we continue to be in the flow of being able to give. We’re back to the whole, can’t give from an empty well thing. If we are not receiving then we are not able to give.
Allow the Law of Circulation to flow. Receive. Give. Repeat.

The other part of receiving is when you give to someone else, you feel huge amounts of joy, right? Well, the other person who is giving to you also feels that. When you deflect, deny or downplay a gift then you impact that joy. Maybe consider your receiving a gift for their giving. 

This is one of the biggest dis-eases that I find among Empaths. Receiving is a lifelong lesson layered with intricate causes. But the good news is that it can be addressed and healed.
You can read more about it, here.

10) Find a way to feel helpful with the suffering. 

Many times Empaths think of all the suffering in the world during this season instead of leaning into the joy.
Take a moment to consider that sympathy and feeling sorry for others isn’t helpful to raise their energies. 

So... What CAN YOU DO to uplift and hold them in the light? 

Remember this season is also about allowing the light to shine in the darkness - on many levels. Many ancient traditions and various cultures all over the world still practice this today. 

Some ideas:
- set up an altar for those you’d like to offer energies to,
- ask permission to pray for them,
- offer them Reiki, good juju or positive thoughts,
- make sure you always have something helpful with you when you come across someone in need,
- donate randomly to various websites (can be Non-Profit Organizations or GoFundMe or CaringBridge),
- you can read more about being a depleted change agent, here.


The point of all of this is there are MANY MANY tools out there for Empaths and how to live an empowered life, especially during the holidays, when the world is in chaos and when life is shifting at high speeds. 

We do not have to be weighed down by the hurts of the world. Or take on other people’s energies or feelings in order to help relieve the suffering. 

In fact this actually dis-empowers others and hinders the growth of the collective. When Empaths feel more empowered and able to become catalysts and stewards of energies, that’s when the world transforms to new levels and healing spreads at rapid rates.

Wishing you a soul aligned and thriving holiday season and life,

ashley koe
Energy Intuitive, Alignment Coach,
Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT),
Founder of Align & Thrive™

PS. If you’d like to find out more about how to align with your soul and thrive with ease, check out  

What makes VIP's Reiki Program different from others?

Reiki Hand pic.png

When I was pulled to teach Reiki honestly I never thought that it could or would grow into a loving, intentional and supportive community the way that it has.
I am certainly a very intentional person by nature so I make sure to try my best to cover all the bases, think about how I can continually make things better, more accessible, more fun and easier to learn.
And next thing I know, my guides are calling it the "VIP Reiki Program!"

We start out by offering a Free Intro to Reiki Course that covers the FAQs of Reiki.
Then we offer the Reiki Master Course (which includes: Levels I, II & III/Master). This is conducted either in-person (over a week or weekend, or online).
And since we separate the learning Reiki from learning how to teach it, finally we offer Reiki Master Teacher course. This way you can really focus on how you want to teach Reiki to others.

Let's start with community...
Most Reiki courses, you connect with a teacher and if you're lucky, you connect with your classmates as well, but in VIP's Reiki Program you join our VIP Reiki Community. This is our Facebook Group where we support each other, have weekly reminders and check-ins, sharing of tips and tools for #EverydayReiki, review times and access to TWO Certified Reiki Master Teachers (MateoLuis and myself, who are moderators of the group).
Whether someone took a course from us five years ago or just completed it five hours ago, we are all together in our VIP Reiki Community!
This is definitely one of my favorite offerings to our Reiki students. Gone are the days of not being able to recognize your Reiki teacher.

Lifetime access to the course content...
Yes, that's right. As long as we're around doing this work, you will have access to our VIP Reiki Course work in our Online Course area!
This means you can come back to it again and again whenever you need! AND you will continually get updated information as we update our videos and content!
I mean come on! If they're online, they're self paced and you never see the teacher. Or if they're in-person there isn't an online component.

Opportunities for practicing...
Monthly Healing Exchanges, requests in the group and more! Your practice goes beyond the time of the course and continues to be able to be used and practiced in a safe and supportive environment - people who already know what Reiki is!
This isn't just your wham, bam thank you, Reiki weekend.

Our courses are language specific
Meaning that we separate our courses into Spoken English and American Sign Language (ASL). There is no interpretation provided because we can offer direct communication and learning new concepts is much smoother and clearer when using direct communication.

You get paid!
We rely heavily on word of mouth or hand of sign marketing, meaning when you share about your experience with VIP's Reiki Course, we always want to thank you for that with $25 per person you refer! That's not a credit, that's straight up cash or PayPal goodness for you to spend anywhere your heart desires!
I honestly haven't seen any other Reiki courses offer this.

Beautiful 'wall-worthy' certificates
Just in case you do decide that at some point you want to pursue Reiki in a professional capacity, we've got you covered! It even comes in a certificate folder! No, print it out yourself certificates here. Yours gets mailed to you the old fashioned way, no matter where you are in the world!
Just pick out your favorite frame and it's ready to hang!

Unique Gifts
From the very beginning we have gifted all of our Reiki students with gifts! I have to admit this is one of my absolutely favorite traditions of VIP. There are two gifts that have stayed the same for each student and one that has changed over the years.
And some of our students still share with me years later that they still use their gifts or carry them with them daily! How fun is that?!

Books and class materials are included...
Unless you sign up for a late registration for our Online Reiki Course, which doesn't include books (and is reflected in the tuition price), you always receive books and class materials with your tuition costs!
There are some Reiki courses that don't include class materials or charge separately for them.

TWO Certified Reiki Master Teachers
That's right! Not one, but two of us here for you! You get a taste of our different 'flavors' of teaching, how we do Reiki and more! It's always great to have more than one perspective and more shared experiences, right?
Most other offerings are with only one teacher.

Individualized attention
Our Reiki classes are kept intimate so that we can have a lovely balance of being able to connect with others and still provide the support necessary on your journey. It's a very intimate and expansive process when learning Reiki and it's one that we don't take lightly.
I've seen classes of 30-35 students!

We love giving! And you benefit from that! So whether it's from Q&A's, to tips and tricks or sharing inspiring things, you can bet that we will continually be offering goodies because we just love Reiki!
Another example is now that we are offering our Reiki courses online, we have gifted all of our previous in-person students with access to all of the online courses as well! That was something that we weren't predicting would happen, but it did! Fun, right?!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or leave a comment below and we're happy to answer any questions you may have about our VIP Reiki Program offerings.

Looking forward to your Reiki journey, VIP!

ashley koe
Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT)

From Powerless to Empowered

yellow person.jpg

"What more can I do??"
I was doing personal growth work, reading books, incorporating and integrating concepts, attending to my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs and there was still something missing.
Something I didn't really know what it was.
But I knew that I wanted to be able to take things to the next level.
I just didn't know how, who, where, what - you know, the logistics.
And then... I got sick.
Not in-the-hospital kind of sick, but the I'm in bed trying to nip it in the bud before it becomes full blown... again, kind of sick.
I realized that this had been happening repeatedly, nearly once a month.
I was frustrated because I would run myself down trying to do everything for everyone. Be the best I could be at my job, in my relationships and that left very little time for tending to my energetic needs. In which my physical body would stop me and slow me down.
So, this time, for whatever reason, I decided to check in. Like really check in. And see what I was being guided to do.
And that's when I found Craigslist's Community Classes section. (I bet you were thinking I found something else, right?)
Well, let's just say, this area changed the entire course of my life.
Why? This is where I found my very first Reiki class.
Sometimes we are led to things in the most random places. But what I know now is that it's not random, it's divinely orchestrated. How fun is that?
Ever since I have taken my first Reiki class I have felt the most empowered in my life, ever.
If I have an issue with feeling stuck, I do Reiki.
If I am experiencing some conflict in my relationships, I offer Reiki.
If someone is in hospice and working on transitioning to the other plane, I offer Reiki.
When I am traveling, when I feel nervous or anxious, when I am having old childhood issues coming up, I offer Reiki.
You see, Reiki doesn't just address the physical ailments that we experience.
It works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
It works in my daily life. That's why I talk about #everydayreiki.
We use it with our pets, the kiddos in our lives, on ourselves, on each other, with food and even when giving presentations in our work.
Learning Reiki and becoming attuned to the Reiki energies raised my vibrations, helped me feel more empowered and connected to Spirit, and helped me to feel more empowered in the most powerless feeling of situations.
Because of the raising frequencies of our planet many people who are sensitive to others' energies are feeling this shifts on some level. If you are one of these people, if you know that you are sensitive to energies, if you know that you are able to feel others' pain, taking Reiki is where you can harness these gifts and know you can do something rather than letting them to continue to control you and your experiences.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to check out our Fall 2017 Online Reiki Course. Doors close tonight for registration. And we even have payment plans and you can get in with as little as $125/mo!
We're here for you. To support you. To share with you about our experiences. So that you can continue to shine bright and be the luminary of this world.

Registration ends tonight at 11:59pm MDT (Mountain time). And this is our final time offering the Reiki Course live this year. You can join us during the live classes or you can take your time and make sure that you complete all the courses before May 31st, 2018. It's up to you and all that is going on in your life. 

Check out the page with all the details, bonuses and experiences of others.

Here's to you, VIP. Here's to you feeling empowered energetically. Here's to you having more tools in your toolbox to continue on in this world in a thriving way. Here's to you matching the raising vibrations and feeling so much joy around it.

Know that I am here wishing you the very best in all that you're experiencing.

Vibrant blessings,

ashley koe
Energy Intuitive, Alignment Coach &
Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT)

Receiving: The epitome of healing

Receiving is one of the most common things I share about as an energy healer; with clients and students alike.
Got pain in your upper or lower back, hunched posture or you've got a strong exhale (even with a short inhale), your energy is sharing that you've got issues receiving.
Having issues with your left side, or do you default to deflecting when people give you compliments... those are issues with receiving as well.
There are many reasons or causes that go into issues for receiving.
One of the most common ones that I see is, 'receiving growing up wasn't a good thing.' Either what we received from those who were supposed to care for us and meet our needs wasn't a good thing or it was downright traumatic.
The second one is self worth - not feeling worthy of receiving.

So, there are the basics of receiving (Receiving 101, if you will):
   - Be open to it.
   - Know that you are worthy of it.
   - When someone compliments you, reply with a simple, "Thank you."
   - When someone offers to help you out, take a deep breath and accept their help.
   - Tell yourself that it's safe to receive now. You are not that little kid anymore.

For those of us who experience discrimination (systemic, subtle, blatant outward, microaggressions, and anything in between), it is even more vital that we focus on receiving the positive healing energies from those who love and support us rather than allow the hurts of the oppressors and those using perpetrating behaviors continue to linger and harm us. Where attention goes, energy flows.

It's time to take our receiving to the next level, Receiving 201:
   - Let the awful things of others go through you. Don't take it on, don't try to process it in your being, just let it go through your energy. If it wasn't kind or healing, it wasn't meant for you to hold on to.
   - Focus your time and energy only on those who love and support you. Really challenge yourself to FEEL their love and support. Others who don't are NOT worth your time or energy. Literally, they are not worthy of it. Think about that - take that in for a moment. Consciously re-prioritizing and reprogramming this within you can be a monumental shift.
   - Ask for help. Seems so simple, yet is one of the most daunting things. Know that Spirit/Universe, etc is supporting you on this!
   - Be intentional about the amount of exposure you have to receiving information around things that can be harmful to you (this can mean a job change to living in a different country to consciously choosing to go off social media).

I bet that you have more people who support and love you in your life than don't. But the problem is that it doesn't FEEL that way. This is our ego, the pain body, the contrary, the hurt trying to keep us down. And we can't let it. We need to acknowledge it for what it is and release it. This is absolutely vital to our health on every level; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual! 

Turn off the power switch to the those using harmful behaviors. Leave them in the dark.
Turn on the switch to light up the luminaries, those who radiate love. Let them fuel you. 
This is where you get to own your power. You get to choose where your energy will flow. You get to choose which energy you want to receive.

As always, I fully support people to fully feel their emotions, have their process and work through their hurts, as I believe this is important to the healing process.

Did this post help you? Did something shift for you? Please share in the comments below.

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