I am ready for you.


ashley koe, CRMT
Energy Alignment Coach
Energy Intuitive
Founder of Align & Thrive™

Being apart of many worlds in my life makes me wholly who I am today.
I am a walking contradiction. And yet I am just me. I am whole.
Half Asian, half western European,  born in the city, raised in the country, love the salt water and the rivers and lakes, completely woo and embodying the principles of my teachings.
Living a life aligned with our soul is not easy, but wowee is it worth it! 

I have been asked to surrender everything; all that my life looked like. And it has been extremely rewarding. My healths have improved, my stress levels gone down, the amounts of self-love and joy are beyond measure and literally have taken my breath away.

I am here to guide and support you through the same. To share my experience, strength and hope when appropriate, so that you know you are in this WITH another. You are not alone. You are supported.


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Private Sessions and most courses are conducted online through video conferencing.

Photo Credit: Valerie Blake