2018 Healing Vicarious Trauma Retreat

A 4-day weekend retreat for those on the front lines and in the trenches.
Healing for the providers.

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2018's Retreat has been revamped!

Welcome to the new and improved Healing Vicarious Trauma Weekend Retreat!
In 2017 we decided to take the year off due to a variety of factors. The Retreat was incredible! Impacting many interpreters and direct service providers and even doubling and tripling each year. But we were guided to take the year off to be fully present with life, adjust to the new vibrations that 2017 brought and go within to really allow this new version of the retreat to emerge.  And let me just share right now... we are so excited to share all of this with you!


Here are some key differences:

The work we are doing is now fully in alignment with the title of this event!
1st - Now we are officially a retreat! Meaning lodging and all meals are included on beautiful sacred and healing lands in Manitou Springs, Colorado. And it has expanded to 4 days now!
2nd - We are fully focusing on the "Healing" part of our retreat title. No more classroom/workshop-style 'retreat-like atmosphere.' This retreat is now a healing retreat. Think of it like a 4-day healing session. Instead of workshop times we will now have intentional healing activities, individual time with practitioners, contemplative and meditative times with rituals for releasing and restoring balance.
We realized that as much as we wanted to increase the awareness of what Vicarious Trauma is, we originally intended for us to be the ones doing the healing around it. So we are going back to our roots of how this all came about.
3rd - The Retreat is open to anyone who is experiencing symptoms of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue or burnout.
This includes, but isn't limited to:

  • Interpreters,
  • Direct service providers,
  • Healthcare practitioners (nurses, doctors, aides, hospice workers, caregivers, etc.),
  • Mental/behavioral health practitioners, educators (admins, teachers, paras, etc),
  • First responders (law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, dispatch, etc.), 
  • Clergy,
  • Advocates (Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Child Abuse, Legal, etc.)
  • and any others who work in systems.

Come exactly as you are.
Leave renewed, rejuvenated and with an entirely re-calibrated vibration.

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Why are we doing this work? 

Consider this a final research project turned into a need gone unmet.
Combining the two fields I had known: Direct Services and Holistic Health, I chose to do my final research project on how energy medicine impacts vicarious trauma.
Each professional that I worked with over the course of four-weeks (two in-person sessions), had dramatically decreased their symptoms of vicarious trauma they were experiencing!
They were all in different fields: hospice, advocacy, first responders, interpreters, educators, etc.
It was so inspiring that I was guided to put together a retreat so that more could learn about it and heal it! Et voila! The Healing Vicarious Trauma Retreat was born!
We are trauma-informed holistic practitioners who facilitate and hold intentional and sacred healing space for those in service fields.

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Where will this retreat take place?

Since we are now a full-on retreat (including lodging and meals) we are now hosting the Retreat in gorgeous Manitou Springs, Colorado!
The Retreat will be on the magnificent sacred healing grounds of the SunMountain Resort where you will be served nutritious and delicious meals prepared by their chef.
This space is completely in alignment with our values here at VIP as well. They are intentional in every way. Including a farm!

Included in your stay is a daily 2-hour soak in the sacred healing waters at the SunWater Spa just down the road from the SunMountain Resort.


We will come together and heal in both group and individual settings.

We will address the symptoms of vicarious trauma,



All occupancy is shared with others. Each room is four to a room. You will have your own individual bed in a shared space with one bathroom per room.
These rooms are spacious and gorgeous. They're in the historic buildings of the SunMountain Resort.

Check in is at 3pm on Thursday. Retreat starts promptly at 3:15pm.
Check out is at 10am on Sunday. Retreat ends promptly at 10am.
You can arrange your travel plans accordingly.

***Please note that all rooms have stairs in order to get to them. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this building being in the historic registry there currently aren't any rooms that are ADA wheelchair accessible.

Travel tips
You can fly in to Denver International Airport (DEN) and then take a shuttle or rent a car and drive down to Manitou Springs (1h45m). Or you can also fly into Colorado Springs Airport (COS) and then take a Lyft or Uber from the airport. 

Altitude Acclimation



All meals will be prepared by the chefs at the SunMountain Resort.
They are gluten-free and vegetarian.
If your body nourishes best with animal proteins, please make sure to mark that on your registration form. We will make sure to have that available.



Due to the intimate and intensive nature of this retreat, the costs of lodging for 3-nights, all meals and the compensating the practitioners, plus all taxes and fees, the rate of the retreat has changed significantly.

Now, your registration includes:
   - 4-days of group and individual healing with trauma-informed practitioners,
   - 3-nights lodging at SunMountain Resort,
   - Chef prepared meals and snacks,
   - Daily 2-hour soaking pass for SunWater Spa hot springs
Bonus: Online Course, "Healing Vicarious Trauma"

This rate also includes all taxes and fees.
Early Bird Rate - ends 5/31/18 - $1,799
Regular Registration Rate -  6/1/18 - 8/31/18 - $1,999
Late Registration Rate - 9/1/18 - 10/15/18 - $2,199

Each Rate period also has options for payment plans as well.
EB = $300 Deposit + 5mos of $300
RR = $400 Deposit + 5 mos of $320
LR = $500 Deposit + 5 mos of $340